The Drug Dealer

Merry Rose never thought she would fall for him. That wasn't the plan. All she had to do was put him behind bars, just like she promised her father. But she couldn't. She loved him and he loved her. He loved her more than he loved the feeling of getting high, more than he loved fighting and more than he loved himself.


1. The Mission

I push the heavy glass door with my shoulder as both of my hands are occupied with two cups of coffee. I ignore the slight sharp pain on my shoulder and all the noise that my high heels were making against the wooden floor but no one seemed to notice. I make my way do my father's office, smiling when I see him through his window.

Today is the day that I'm getting my first important mission. My father is a really important person around here and as his daughter, everyone expected me to be an agente just like him. Working for the CIA is my dream since I'm 9. I still can't believe that I made it. I walk in the office and put the cups down, getting my father's attention.

He looks really good for his age. You can't tell that his daughter is already 21 as it seems like he's only on his thirties. I take the seat in front of him with a goofy smile on my face. My first mission. Wow. It's hard to believe that after all that time studying, I did it. I'm here.

"Merry Rose." My father puts the file he was holding on top of the table and takes a sip from the cup of coffee I just brought him. "How are you?"






"Fine." I say simply with a small smile on my lips. "What about you?"

"It doesn't matter." He says, cleaning his throat. I know he's proud of me even though he won't say it. "All that matters is that you're ready for this."

I nod quickly and don't say a word so he continues.

"I tried to get you a partner in this mission, but everyone is busy with that serial killer in Vancouver and the ones that were free to work, aren't as good as you."

Finally, a compliment.

"So you'll be working alone." He says and I can't really tell if that worries him. It's hard to read him since my mother died. His expression is always the same.

He leaned on the table and gave me the file he was holding before. I take in a deep breath when I see the file's title. This can't be real.

"I think someone made a mistake. I can't be working on the Bieber's case, dad. I mean, sir." I quickly correct myself, without looking at him.

Justin Bieber. The famous drug dealer. Everyone heard about him and everyone knows what he does. He gets every kid in almost every school high. No one knows how, but he does. He's invisible. Only a few people have seen him. Only the people he trusts knows his location. I could walk by him on the street and I wouldn't know I just walked by the biggest drug dealer Canada has ever seen.

"And why the hell not?" He asks me, but not in a rude way. Just a bit surprised, I guess.

"I-I just thought it was a mistake. This is a really important mission."

"And you, Merry, are our best female agent. We need you." My dad says, finally sounding pround of me.

I take in a deep breath and open the file.

"You'll keep your first name but form now on, you're not Merry Rose Cowley anymore. You're Merry Rose Woods. You want to be one of Justin's drug dealer and eventually, get romatically involved with him so you can get some information out of him." He says, obviously annoyed by his last sentence but it doesn't last long. Like I said, always the same expression. "Any questions?"

"Yeah, how am I supposed to know who he is? No one knows how he looks like." I say barely above a whisper.

"You'll find a way. You can go now. You're leaving tomorrow."

2 weeks later


"Wake up, you lazy pig!"

I groan as someone barges into my room, yelling like a crazy person. I bury my face deeper into the pillow and ignore it. I came home late last night and I was so wasted that I can barely remember what happened. I reach my arm to the other side of the bed to make sure I'm alone. I sigh when I see that I am. Seriously, Justin? Couldn't you just bring a girl home?

"Justin! Wake up!"

I guess I have no choice. I have to get up. I slowly turn so I'm looking at the ceiling and turn my neck to the side so I can see who decided to wake me up before 11am. I roll my eyes when I see Ricky standing by the door with his arms crossed and na angry expression. I force my body to sit up and run my hands through my messy hair.

"What do you want?" I ask, glancing over at my so-called best friend.

"I told you." He says, obviously pissed off at me for forgetting something important. "I met a girl a few days ago and..."

"Ricky, fuck off. You different meet a girl every day." I mumble, ready to fall back asleep.

"No, no, no. This one is different." He insists.

"If you say that she's the one, I will punch you in the face." I say, standing up and grabbing same random jeans and pulling them on. "You said that about Alicia too, remember? And Margaret. Oh, and Vicky too. And what happened? They all dumped your ass."

This is way I don't date. Or fall in love. Girls are way too complicated and so is the whole love thing. I hate the idea of falling for someone. I wish Ricky thought that way too but he's obsessed with the idea of getting a girlfriend that, as he calls it, is wife material. I just feel like punching him sometimes but he's my best friend and one of the few people I can actually trust. Besides, we do a lot of work together.

"Whatever. Fuck them. Merry Rose is different."

I raise an eyebrow at the name. Merry Rose, huh? Cute. Let's see if this one is worth my time.

"Okay, what do you want me to do about it?" I ask with a sigh.

"Meet her. She used to sell drugs in her high school, you know? Maybe she can be useful."

I glare at him. A girl working for me? Hell no. But I didn't tell Ricky that. I just pulled on a white shirt and followed him through the hall.

Me and Ricky live together since we're 18. We used the money we made selling drugs in high school to buy an apartment. Then, the money from college to buy a house for a business. And just a few months ago, when our business was in everyone's mouth, we bought this mansion and we barely leave it during the day. It's way too risky. All the people that I trust live here, so I can be close to everyone and see what they are up to.

At the end of the hall, I could see a girl's figure. And damn, I could be looking at her all day long that it wouldn't be a problema. Her curves were perfect, almost like they were drawned by someone. Her short skirt brought a lot of attention to her long legs and figure. Since when is Ricky this lucky?

"Justin, meet Merry Rose." Says Ricky in a happy tone.

When she turned around, I could hear my heart in my ears. So beautiful. Her brown hair fel perfectly down her shoulder and back, curling at the end. Her blue eyes seemed like they could see right through me and her nose and moth were so small that she almost looked innocent. Almost. There was something off about her and I can't tell what. At least not for now.

"Hi." She says, in a low tone.

"Hey."I say simply, sliding my hands into my pockets.

I feel like this is the beginning of something.

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