Years after we know it

Prince of tennis Fanfiction ^^

I got a wierd idea ^^ so i wrote it, and hope you'll all like it ^^


3. 3

“Kikumaru*Niou Pair vs Suzuki*Koga pair” Sanada was their umpire for this match. The two teams got to the court and went to each side of the net. “One Service game, Koga to serve” Amaya who looked like Emiko jumped a few time like Emiko always did. They where in the Australia Formation. Their favorite formation, but as to all the team members it looked like Emiko was in the back. Something she almost never was. She was always in front so she could use her acrobatic play to its fullest. 
Well the team did know that the two girls was practicing every day at home, and they also know that they would do it opposite than from what they would do in the tennis club. Just to challenge them self even more. But no one other than Yagyu had seen them play opposite before.
Koga did his all known fast serve, and for the audience Emiko returned it, but Suzuki smashed it. 
Emiko who looked like Ayama and was in the front, had promised Ayama that she would use acrobatic play so none of them got to return it. 
“15-love” was Sanada first call. Another serve, and before any of them had discovered anything the game count was 
“3-love Koga*Suzuki lead” this was just stupid. All of the audience looked at Ayama and Emiko. They knew Emiko was able to return a lot more shots but for some reason she wasn't allowed to use her acrobatic play, and none other than Yagyuu of the team understood anything. Yagyuu fixed his glasses and looked at Ayama and Emiko who was ready for the next serve.
“Can I use it now?” Ayama still looking like Emiko asked, and Emiko found it somewhat amusing that Ayama had seen through her play, because Emiko was longing after a change in this game. But she had to stay in character.
“um..” The always carefree Emiko had to talk like the always thinking Ayama. This was difficult. 
“Are you ready to serve Kikumaru-chan?” Sanada looked at Ayama still thinking he looked at Emiko, and Ayama placed her self and did a perfect Ayama serve. 
“Woah~” None of the boys could return it and Koga who was in the front was really surpriced. It was a perfect Ayama serve but it shouldn't have been because it was Emiko who was serving and not Ayama.
“Sanada?” Yukimura was looking at Sanada who like the most of the team was starring at Ayama and Emiko who did a High touch.
“15-love” Sanada sounded just as confused as the rest of the team seemed like. Ayama didn't loose focus though because she did another perfect serve.
“Oi Emiko this is no fun” Emiko called over her shoulder from the front. Looking at what could had been her own reflection that just smirked back. 
“Wakatta” Ayama took some steps and prepared for another serve “But I want to win” 
“Game, Kikumaru*Niou Pair, 3-1 Suzuki*Koga lead”
“Well I want to win as well~” Emiko played with her Ayama blond hair like Ayama always did, but didn't seem to be very happy, and Ayama could somewhat understand her. This blond wig wasn't easy to wear and the day was really hot. 
The two girls changed places so they again looked like how the team knew them. Suzuki did one of this form of twist serves. 
Emiko who was in the back looked didn't do anything. She just looked at Suzuki. She didn't move. Ayama turned.
“Wakatta!” Emiko wasn't amused and the wig was moving because of the heat and sweat. And that fact she couldn't return the ball without using her acrobatic play was even worse for her. Ayama stood straight and went back to Emiko and placed a hand on her shoulder. She nogded to Emiko an then went back to her place again. 
“40-15” Suzuki had made another serve and this time had Emiko made
“Eh~” was heard from the small crowd who had gather outside the court. 
“When did Ayama learn acrobatic play?” Koga looked confused at the two girls.
“Mooee~” Emiko had, had it. She took of Ayama looking wig “Forget it Ayama I'm not in this anymore” she threw the wig toward the bench. “We look to much alike” the whole crowd went silent and then suddenly like a blow you could hear them all again.
“Ayama?” Suzuki looked at the girl who still looked like Emiko, but obliviously wasn't. Ayama also took her wig of and send of a smile. 
“Can we start our play know?” Emiko was impatient, and had started playing with her racket just like her dad always did when he went into serious mood. It was still Suzuki to serve but he suddenly didn't look very well. He did serve, and this time Ayama and Emiko's play was perfect.
“4-5, Koga*Suzuki pair lead” Sanada looked out on the court, Suzuki and Koga was breathing hard and the same was Ayama. The only one with still some sort of energy left was Emiko. It was Ayama's turn to serve, but she looked devastating. Like she couldn't stand on her legs any longer. 
“40-30, Ayama to serve” 
“it has been more than an hour now” someone said, Emiko felt the heat beating against her skin. She was still wearing Ayama's skirt with leggins underneath and she still hated it. Ayama was wearing her shorts and Emiko was missing them right know.
“Just one more point” Emiko was whispering and she knew Ayama was listening. Ayama nodged because she knew what it meant, and she did one of her super fast serves. Suzuki returned it, and the same did Emiko, but just as Emiko thought they had won Koga came and returned Emiko's shot, but Emiko had, had this in mind because Koga placed the ball precisely as Emiko wanted it to.
“Kikumaru Spin~” Emiko had jumped, and hit the ball while she had been twisting in the air. Just so she could get the right amount of spin on the ball.
“7-5 Kikumaru*Niou pair win” Emiko had landed and the whole team was cheering. She had done it. The shoot she had been practicing so much for. Her Spin shot was never correct but today it had been perfect.
“Yabai!!” Ayama was jumping around as much as her body lot her. She was totally out of energy. Suzuki and Koga was laying on the ground breathing hard. Emiko and Ayama hugged in joy, and then went to the other side of the net. 
“Thanks for a good match” they said while offering their hand, and Koga and Suzuki was on their feet in no time.

o o o o o o o o o o

“So the regulars this time is” Kirihara had gather the whole team together. “Sanada, Yanagi, Yagyuu...” Yukimura was by his side giving the yellow regular shirts. “Murai and our newst members is Niou-chan and Kikumaru-chan” everyone knew about the match, and everyone had been there watching it. It was an indescribable feeling.
Ayama and Emiko stepped forward and got their new yellow, black and red regular jersey, and like the rest of the team, the two girls took it out of the plastic and wore it in no time. Feeling the jersey on their skin just like they had imagined.

- End.

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