Years after we know it

Prince of tennis Fanfiction ^^

I got a wierd idea ^^ so i wrote it, and hope you'll all like it ^^


2. 2

“Ohayou dad, today there's another school match, and I'm going to play against Yanagi and Kenta” Emiko was sitting on the floor, in front of a picture of her dad. “I really hope I'll win and get a spot on the regular team”
“Well not without me ne~” Ayama was dropping on the floor besides Emiko, and placed a hand on her shoulders. 
“No way, because who should I play doubles with??” Emiko smiled, and looked at Ayama. Ayama looked at the picture of Kikumaru Eiji and closed her eyes. Like she was sending a short prayer because she was quick to open them again.
“You girls have to hurry if you're going to make it on time today” Ayama's mom had opened the door and looked at them.
“Yabai~!” both of them said and hurried to get to school. They didn't wanted to be late for mornings practice because that meant laps to do before school started. But they was late, and that meant that they had to do 25 laps. They hadn't finished them before Yukimura gathered them to tell them about this afternoon practice. Kirihara had called in sick this morning so there was a bit of changing in the match schedule. 
“No way~” they had looked at the schedule and Ayama didn't look happy at all “I'm going to play against Yukimura, there are no way I'm going to be a regular” she didn't sounded happy in any way, and Emiko knew why. Emiko had a chance against Yanagi and Kenta but Ayama had none against Yukimura, and they wanted to be regulars together. 
“Then I'll lose on purpose” Emiko's voice was a bit to loud. Yanagi and Yukimura had heard her and looked her way.
“Aren't you being a bit to loud Kikumaru-chan?” Yukimura places a hand on Emiko's should and she had no choice but to face Yukimura.
“Well, no Fubuchou, because if Amaya can't be a regular I don't want to” Emiko felt her tension rise, but Yukimura was calm as always. 
“Well Kikumaru-chan, that would be sad” Yukimura stopped speaking like she was thinking about something, but Emiko was sure that Yukimura ever needed that. “Say, if Niou-chan and you win a doubles matchs against Suzuki and Koga, both of you can be regulars okay?” Ayama who had been standing not daring to say anything felt like Emiko that her lower jaw dropped. 
“Are you seriouse?” Ayama was the first one to speak. Both girl still looking at Yukimura who just noodged. They looked at each other and jumped in happiness, and could already fell the regular Jersey on their skin.

o o o o o o o o o o

That school day flew for the almost twins girls. They had been up to a lot of stuff and, their teacher had gotten mad at them. The only thing those two could talk about was their match, tricks, formations and how nice the regular jersie would be.
“So if you girls are done talking, I would like to continue the lesson” their teacher looked down at the two girls who both blushed. Normally they wasn't the type of girls to interrupt the lessons but they was both looking to much forward to the match later. 
The teachers words had kept them quiet for about 15 minutes but then they started talking again. Ayama had gotten a really good idea, and even though they only had made it to the lunch break they had gotten an hour of liberally detention.

o o o o o o o o o o

“So we're going to play against Niou-chan and Kikumaru-chan?” Koga looked at Yukimura who just smiled at them. The two boys wasn't sure if it was a good idea. All in the club knew just how good Niou-chan and Kikumaru-chan was as a doubles team, but as single they wasn't that good. And that was the reason for why they wasn't on the regular team yet.
“We can't loose” Suzuki was beside Koga, and both of them was stretching to be warm and ready to the match which should had started ten minutes ago.
“Hn” was the answer Suzuki got. “but where is the girls?” he had been looking around and couldn't see the girls anywhere.
“Hinamori-chan do you know why Niou-chan and Kikumaru-chan isn't here yet?” Yukimura had turned to another freshman and had asked her. Hinamori-chan was in Niou-chan and Kikumaru-chan's class, so she should know about the two girls.
“They got an hour detentions because they kept talking during class” Hinamori and the rest of the freshmens had been getting the balls on court but when Yukimura had talked to her she had dropped them all. It wasn't abnormal that the freshmen was nervous around Yukimura and Kirihara, but most of the tennis team was nervous around Kirihara. All except them on the regular team.
“So they'll be late for their own match” a smile that indicated fun was on the lips of Yukimura and she walked towards Yanagi while she was in deep thought.

o o o o o o o o o o

“We're going to be so late for our match” Emiko complained while she was carring a stack of books she had to place. Ayama was walking beside her with another stack of books.
“I hope we'll still be able to play” Ayama was happy that they did so much training every day so carry these books wasn't that much of a problem.
“Do you think we can pull it of?” Emiko looked at what should be Ayama, but she looked at what could had been her reflection.
“Of course, you'll just have to do as you always does, and be sure that my hair isn't like yours” Ayama touched the wig that looked like Ayamas hair, that Emiko had been wearing since lunch. Both girls had though it was a good idea and had acted as each other for most of the day and no one had seemed to figure them out yet.
Yagyuu would properly be the first one to figure it out, since he had heard the story from his and Ayama's dad just as many times as the two girls had. But they also knew that they could trust him.
Ayama looked at Emiko who looked exactly like Ayama normally would look like. Because right know Ayama looked like how Emiko normally looked like.
The two girls continued putting the books back in place and before they knew it the hour had passed and they hurried as much as they could down to the club room to change. 
“Are you ready Niou-chan?” Emiko had heard Sanada and knew right know was the test. Emiko turned like she knew Ayama would turn.
“Yeah of cours, and sorry for being late” Emiko bowed as she knew Ayama would do. 
“Ayama couldn't keep quiet in the class” Ayama had left the changing room and stood beside Emiko and smiled to Sanada as Emiko normally would do. Sanada looked at both of them and left. It seemed that the huge trick they where pulling of would actually succeeds.

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