Years after we know it

Prince of tennis Fanfiction ^^

I got a wierd idea ^^ so i wrote it, and hope you'll all like it ^^


1. Chap 1

”So what do you want to do next weekend?” Amaya looked at Emiko. Both girls where daughters of two great tennis players, and both girls still keeping in their dad's foot prints trying to be a part of the regular team in their school tennis club. The two freshman girls was not picking up balls like the rest of the freshman's at Rikkaidai tennis club. No they were training together with the rest of the team.
“Kikumaru-chan, Niou-chan” both girl flicked at their buchou's voice. “50 laps for doing nothing” this was their captain motto. If he saw you, do nothing he would make you do something.
The tennis club had went from being an only boy to be a mixed club. It had happened when Yanagi-sensei had started to be a teacher on the school. The fun part was that he had not gotten a baby girl. However, he had promised an old friend of his.
“Is he serious?” Amaya looked at Emiko, and then both girl looked at Kirihara Ryusuke.
“Oh Ryusuke, just because you dad was a Devil doesn't make you one” Suzuki Kenta another regular looked at Kirihara. All knew that Kirihara Ryusuke also known as their buchou had problems with his temper, and of course, what Kenta said was not in any help.
“Ryusuke” Yukimura Tomomi went to Kirihara and just placed a hand on his shoulder. Yanagi Toma and Yukimura was the only one who could get Kirihara down and control his temper just a bit.
“Maybe you girls should start running” Yukimura looked at Amaya and Emiko. None of them had started running yet, but when Yukimura looked at them none of them dared to do anything else than start running.

o o o o o o o o o o

“Seriously Kirihara is killing me” when practice was over, all of them changed as quickly as they could. Amaya had placed herself on a bench and didn't look like she was able to move one inch. Emiko sat down beside her, but she didn't look as drained as Amaya. She actually looked like she could run at least 10 laps more. Amaya was only a bit jalousie.
“Emi how can you still have that much energy left, I mean we ended up doing almost 80 laps today” Emiko smiled as she again was on her feet. She took her blazer from her locker.
“Ayama do you know why you have so much problems waking me in the mornings? When I'm sleeping in my own bed?” Ayama had also risen to her feet and had taken her blazer while she shook her head. “Because for some fun reason whenever I'm sleeping in my own bed I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep any more.” they took their bags and left the clubroom. “And I've tried anything, but there is only one thing for me to do, and that is if I run for an hour and a half” Ayama stopped and looked surprised at her best friend. Why didn't she know about this? They had been living together since the age of 8. Every since Emiko's dad Kikumaru Eiji had died, and her mom had said that she couldn't take care of the child.
“When did it start?” Ayama wanted to know. And then Emiko told that it has been like this every since she had moved in to the new house. Ayama was surprised to hear this, but she could remember that every since the first day Emiko was had to wake in the morning.
Emiko and Ayama was living together because of Emiko's aunt. Because her Aunt who had married the Rikkaidais trickster Niou Masaharu had said that she could take care of the child. Emiko hadn't like the idea to begin with. She was mad and stayed in her room all the time.
“Tadaima” the girls was saying in chorus when they reached the front door.
“Okaeri” Ayama's mom and Emiko's aunt came from the kitchen and greeted them. They took of their shoes and placed them so they was easy to slip in the next day.
“So the back yarn in ten minutes?” Emiko said while they where on their way to the second floor where their rooms was.
“Yes” was all Ayama said and they went in to their rooms. The only thing separating the room was a sliding door. It wasn't used often during the day but some nights it was good to have. The was both quick to change from their school uniform into their practice outfit. Both girls was grown with the tennis in their blood. Their dad's had been training them since they could walk, so when Emiko moved to her new place and didn't wanted to play Ayama knew it couldn't be true.
“Can we play two against one?” Yagyuu Makoto who lived next door had gone through the hole in the hedge.
“Of course” Emiko liked when they was two against one. Both because whatever she played she would get some sort of training.
“Emiko did you know that it was first after you moved to the house that Ayama got really seriouse about Tennis?” they was about to start a game where Emiko was against the two of them. Makoto was normally a doubles player with Yanagi Toma. So even he got training by doing this. Even though he and Toma was the doubles one.
“I've heard it before” Emiko was ready for Ayama's serve so she didn't think more about but some where she knew the story well. Because when she first moved to the house she was really mad, and didn't wanted to leave her new room. But Ayama came every day to ask if she wanted to play a game of tennis. Emiko didn't wanted to,
“15-love” Ayama had served and Emiko had been in her totally own mind. Just like back then, because one day Ayama challenged her to a game of tennis and said if she lost she would leave Emiko be. Emiko was annoyed by Ayama ever lasting question and said yes to the challenge. They had played and Ayama had won big time.
“30-love, Emiko where are you?” Emiko heard Ayama's voice and shortly shooked her head.
“Sorry I was taking back to our first match” Makoto smiled at Emiko.
“That match you lost, just like you'll lose this one” he said while he was laughing. 
“Oh, wait and see I'll win against the two of you” and this time she returned Ayama's serve. The two of them knew each other so well, for because of Emiko's lost she wanted to get better at tennis and the two girls had been playing and training after school every day, and when they started middle school both of them had joined the tennis club. They soon discovered that because they knew about each other's weaknesses and strong points they made a really great doubles team.

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