Collection #2


7. The past

All those years ago you broke me
I stopped believing in love
I stopped believing in friedship
I stopped believing in trust
I stopped believing in second chances


I never trusted anyone completely after you
I've wasted so many years because of your ‘innocent’ fun
I believed there was something wrong with me
damn you, I still do


you were my best friend
you were the one who was supposed to be on my side
like I was by yours
you were the one I turned to
you were the one I told stuff about myself I never told anyone before


you were the first person I told ‘I love you’
you were the last one too
cause you screwed me up


you made a fool out of me
you made me choose between you 

and the only person who actually never let me down
who hopefully still stuck around
to pick up the pieces
you left behind


you know I got a lot of grief form my friends
for being with you
but still I defended you
I was so dumb
but by now I hopefully have learned my lesson

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