Collection #2


16. I miss the times

I miss the times

when we used to sneak out

so our parents wouldn't find out


I miss the times

we wrote those secret messages,

pretending we're just friends

when the whole world already knew

that was not the case.


I miss the times

we went to see the worst film ever

we had great fun, just the two of us,

yeah there was something there


I miss the times

you tried to teach me how to play poker

in your hotel room

yeah, that could have ended in so many ways


I miss the times

we watched HIMYM together on a school trip,

and ran around screaming like it was our last night on Earth


I miss the times

we argued so much

It lasted for at least 9 years


I miss the times

we were running around on the beach

throwing sand at each other,
watching the sunset together


I miss the times

we were just us

we talked so much, nonsense most of all

that was important, for me, for sure


I miss the times

we skied together, throwing snowballs at each other,

such speedoholics we were


I miss all the times

when I used to see you guys

cause right now I don't even know where you are

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