Collection #2


14. Different point of view

we don't have to work out
for me to give myself a break
and try to like myself for a change
I know that I expect 
so much from others
to like me
to care for me
when I don't even give myself a chance
well it's not as easy as it seems
it takes hard work
to battle your insecurities
and manage to come on top
and I've always been a piece of work
you changed my point of view
you proved me wrong
because all my life
I felt disgusted with myself
I felt unwanted
I've been so hurt
I've been rejected by so many people
and one thought always stuck with me
of how unlovable I am
I've always felt so ugly
inside and out
I never felt good enough
and others may argue that one passionate kiss
can't change anything
well I'm the one to say it does
because we don't have to be in love
for it to mean a great deal

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