Moving In With My Brother

A girl finally after two years later finally meets her brother that is in a famous boyband called One Direction. When she meets the rest of the band she likes a boy there and the boy likes him. Read the story to find out what happens next.


2. Parties and Making Love

Louis P.O.V

I still couldn't sleep. Now that I am home I just can't sleep. It was 3:00. God I am so tired. I closed my eyes thinking what I could do with Nadia to make it up to her that I am sorry. I then fell asleep. Why did I ever leave?


I got up out of my bed. No one was up so I called the boys. They were with their family. Harry answered the phone.

"Hey Lou" Harry said.

"Hey Harry" I responded.

"How is it going with Nadia" Harry asked. I smiled.

"Good really. That's who I wanted to talk to you about and the rest of the boys about. How about you guys come over here so the girls can meet her" I said.

"Sure I will tell the rest of them" Harry smirked in the phone. I hung up. Nadia came downstairs.

"Hi Louis" she said coughing.

"You okay" I asked.

"I got a fever" Nadia said. I looked disappointed. 

"Oh well okay go lay down" I said. She nodded her head and left. Man now I have to cancel. When I was getting ready to call Harry. But then the doorbell rang. Damnit. I went to the door and opened it.

"Hi Louis" Mary said smiling. Mary is Harry's girlfriend.

"Louis" Taylor said looking at Harry. Taylor and Harry dated before but the broke up. Taylor is Liam's girlfriend.

"Hi babe" Eleanor said kissing me. Eleanor is my girlfriend. Then Niall and Zayn came in with their girlfriends, Leah and Tara.

"Hi Lou"  They said. I smiled.

"Umm well I have something to tell you... It is that Nadia is sick" I said.

"Sick" Liam said. I nodded my head.

"I am still seeing her even through she is sick"  Leah said. Leah walked upstairs. 

Nadia's P.O.V

Someone was knocking on my door. Oh no. It is Louis. I got into my bed and covered myself. I was getting ready to go to a party.

"Come in" I said. Someone came in but it was not Mom or Louis.

"Hi you must be Nadia. Louis told me some much about you" the girl said. That is probably Louis's girlfriend or friend.

"Well can you go because I am very sick" I said. The girl looked sad. So she left. I hurried up and jump out the window. I was going to my boyfriends party. I got into Louis's car and went to the party. When I got there There was alot of people in the house. There was alot of cars in the driveway. I walked in with a red dress on. When I was in the house I was looking for Jacob. I went upstairs and I looked into Jacob's room His room was partly open. What I saw made me pissed. Jacob was with a another girl,kissing her.

"OMG is that your girlfriend" the girl said that was kissing Jake.

"Nadia please let me explain" Jake said. I ran downstairs. Some how Jake was faster than me and he pushed me against the wall.

"Jake stop let me go" I said still crying. He was grinding against me. "Jake stop" I was getting ready to moan. Then I did. He smirked.

"So babe you do love" he said. I smiled.

"Why would you cheat on me" I said.

"I am so sorry babe. It won't happen again" he said. I smiled and I kissed his lips. He grabbed my body and he carried me upstairs. He threw me on the couch upstairs. He got on top of me and he rubbed his hands all over my body. He took off his shirt.

Louis's P.O.V

I walked up to Nadia's room with everyone. I knocked on Nadia's door. I opened the door and she wasn't there. Where the fuck is she?

"Leah what did she say when you came in here" I said pissed.

"She told me to get out because she is sick" Leah responded. I shook my head. I went into my room and got my phone. I called her. I heard her phone. It was in her room. I walked outside and my car was gone. What The Fuck. Where did she go? I was pissed off. Now that mom is going to Los Angeles for work. I have to start keeping an eye on Nadia. A minute later someone was pulling into the drive with my car. Nadia looked though the windshield and smiled. She got out of the car. I sat on the couch. She came inside and closed the door. I shook my head.

"Umm......hi Louis" she said.

"I am so pissed. Where did you go" I asked.

"To a party sooo" she said.

"A PARTY NADIA WHAT THE F**k IS WRONG WITH YOU. MOM IS GONE AND YOU WANT TO PARTY" I screamed. Everybody came downstairs. All I was think about was her having se* with boys. Nadia went up to her room and slammed the door.

"Do you want us to leave Louis" Liam said. I shook my head yes. They left and I went upstairs to Nadia. I went into her room.

"Do you know how to knock" Nadia yelled. I rolled my eyes.

"One question and don't lie to me becuase this is very important to me. When you were at that party did you have se*" I said looking at her dead in her eyes.

"Yes soo what is the point" Nadia said.

"Did you use protection" I said. She nodded her head and smiled. I sighed. Good at least I know she isn't pregnant. I love Nadia but I don't want her to get pregnant when she is eighteen. I left her room.

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