Moving In With My Brother

A girl finally after two years later finally meets her brother that is in a famous boyband called One Direction. When she meets the rest of the band she likes a boy there and the boy likes him. Read the story to find out what happens next.


1. Meeting My Brother

This my FIRST fanfictional book. Please don't be mad if I mess up on the book then I would be sad.


My name is Nadia and I am eighteen. I live with my mom. I have one brother. His name is Louis. He is famous. He is in a group called One Direction. My mom walked in.

"Nadia , Louis is coming for your birthday" Mom said. I looked at her crazy. Why should I care. Louis and I were like best friend but when he got famous I really didn't talk to him. 

"So" I said.

"He is your brother" She said. I heard a car door slam outside. Someone walked intot the house.

"Nadia" He said. It was Louis. I ran up to my room. I closed the door. Someone was knocking on the door.

"Nadia can we talk please" Louis asked.

"No" I said.

"Why not love" he responded. He always calls someone LOVE if he likes them.

"Because I don't know who you are know more Louis. We were best friends but as soon as got famous you didn't care about me anymore" I said. Louis didn't talk for a very long time. I opened the door. He was gone. I got in the bed and fell asleep.

Two Hours Later

I woke up to someone knonking on my door. It was nighttime She came in. It was my mom.

"Are you okay" she asked. I nodded my head. Louis came in. I rolled my eyes and pulled the covers over my head.

"Nadia can we please talk" Louis said. "Mom can you please leave so I can talk to Nadia" she left.

"What do you want Louis can't you see I want to be left alone" I said.

"I want to talk about why you are so mad, angry, and sad" Louis said.

"No I want to talk about why you left me and mom to become famous you had a choise Louis and you picked to become famous. Let's talk about that" I said as I pulled the covers from off of my head. Louis looked at me.

"I know I am so sorry about that, but becoming famous means lots of money and lots of money means supporting my family" Louis said happily. I got up and hugged Louis. 

"I missed you so much bro" I said. My phone was ringing. I went to my phone and picked it up. 

"OMG One Direction is here they came back from tour. Did you see Louis" my friend Angel asked.

"Yeah I did" I said smiling. Louis looked at me.

"Where is Jacob" Angel asked.

"Umm.. let's not talk about that" I said. Louis looked at me weirldly. I smiled. I hung up the phone.

"Well goodnight" Louis said.

"Goodnight Louis" I responded. Louis left. He closed the door. OMG my brother is back. I got on Facebook and I saw a picture with Louis and I hugging. I don't remember that. Well whatever. I went to sleep

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