Moving In With My Brother

A girl finally after two years later finally meets her brother that is in a famous boyband called One Direction. When she meets the rest of the band she likes a boy there and the boy likes him. Read the story to find out what happens next.


3. He lied

Nadia's P.O.V (Morning)

Wow that was a great party. Only Jacob was cheating on me. Should I trust him again? I am so confused. My brain was mixing up with thoughts. How am I even going to trust him? OH MY GOD. I am so stress out right now. I should go talk to Jake. Louis was still sleep so maybe i should go right now and talk to him. I went downstairs and I went into Louis's car. I went to his house. I was wondoring if he was still sleep. I knocked on the door. His mom answered.

"Oh hi Nadia" His mom said.

"Hi" I said.

"Umm....he is upstairs in his room" she said. I went up to his room. The door was open. You won't believe what I saw. I saw Jake kissing the same girl from the party.

"Jake" I said. He looked up. He lied to me.

"Baby"Jake said.

"No, I am so sick of this" I said. "You lied to me. You said you wouldn't cheat on me again. Y-y-y-y-you lier" He looked at me like I was crazy. I looked at the girl who was kissing Jake. Now that I looked at her. She looked so familar. Oh My God. "Natalie" She was my friend until she didn't like me anymore.

"Hi little girl" she said. I looked at Jake one more time. I slapped him.

"We are done" I said. I walked out the door. I got into Louis's car. I drove back home. I got out and went into the house. I thought he loved me I guess he didn't. Louis came downstairs.

"Where have you been" he asked. I didn't answer I just went right past him. "Answer me" I rolled my eyes and went to my room. I shouldn't have trusted him. I was so dumb to even date him. I thought he was cute but he turned out to be a huge cheater. Louis follow me. "Nadia" I turned around.

"What" I said angry.

"Where have you been" he asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Nowhere" I said. He shook his head and walked out the door. I am never going to trust any boy again. Only Louis. NO ONE ELSE!!!!




OMG guys I am so sorry that I haven't updated for a couple of days. I didn't updated because of Thanksgiving. I have my own computer but my mom took from me. Sooo I hope you like the chapter:)

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