Moving In With My Brother

A girl finally after two years later finally meets her brother that is in a famous boyband called One Direction. When she meets the rest of the band she likes a boy there and the boy likes him. Read the story to find out what happens next.


10. Gone Or Not

Nadia's P.O.V

I woke to a lot of noise. I groaned and got out of bed.

"What the hell is going" I yelled. I looked around the room. The boys stared at me.

"T-There are wasps in here" Niall said. Louis pointed on my head.

"What are you looking at" I asked. Harry and Niall came closer to me. The wasp was on my head. With a sudden move I grabbed the wasp with my head and looked at it. I opened the window and set it free. The other wasps followed. The boys looked at me. I went into the kitchen and fixed me some breakfast. I went into my room. I went in there and ate my breakfast. I finished and then I decided I should go see Mary. I open her door and I saw blood everywhere. I screamed. Louis and the boys came to me.

"Nadia, what is-" Louis started to say. I closed my eyes and started to cry. Harry looked sad because it is his fault. I started to walk in. I was looking in for Mary.

"M-Mary" I called. Louis was behind me. I opened the bathroom door and there was Mary on the floor dead. I busted out crying. Louis hugged.

"Hey it's okay" Louis said.

"no it is not okay. She was my best friend" I said. I screamed and ran out of the room. I went into my room and laid down. Few minutes later someone knocked on the door. Someone came in. I looked up into green eyes. Harry.

"Hey" Harry said.

"Get out" I yelled.

"Hey you know Mary killed herself because of you" Harry said. I slapped him.

"YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING MAN WHORE YOU NEED TO BE IN MARY'S PLACE" I screamed. I looked up at Harry's eyes. Harry moved closer and kissed me. Louis walked in.

"What the hell" Louis said. I pushed Harry away.

"Louis I'm so sorry I...ummm.." I started to say.

"Mary's not dead but she doesn't remember anything" Louis said. I smiled. I got up and walking into Mary's room. Marry smiled at me.

"Hi" she said. I hugged her.

"I missed you" I said. She laughed and I did too.

"Y'all should have seen y'all face. I can't believe you guys thought I was dead" Marry laughed. They all looked confused.

"Huh" Zayn said.

"Nothing" I said. Mary and I walked into my room.

Hiiiiii Everyone I am so happy that I posted another chapter of my book. I hope you guys like this chapter

~Love Jazzy~

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