Turning back time

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- So after reading Sasa-cocoa's journey to the past I got this idea ^^ Hope you'll like it...
- Yes this kind of a follow up on my own 'Years after what we know', but you can read this without having read the other one ^^
Sum: So after Emiko and Ayama joined the Rikkai dai regular team they had been training their asses off. Kirihara together with the rest of the important persons on the team decided to make a training camp, but on this camp they meet up with Seigaku team, and from here on everything doesn't go as anyone thought about


1. Trainings Camp

"Emi~" the voice hadn't been very clear before now, and Emiko really didn't wanted to get out of bed. Her dream was really nice, about her mom and dad still alive.
"Kikumaru Emiko would you please get your slow ass out of bed" This time there was no mistake, and the dream was brutally disrobed.
"My ass isn't slow" Emiko had jumped out of bed and was now standing on the floor of the room she though was her own, and looking at what could had been her own reflection in a mirror, but Emiko knew better.
"Moe~ Amaya it's way too early to that kind of tricks" Emiko looked at her reflection knowing it was her best friend, and almost half sibling. She reached out and grabbed the reddish armpit length wig knowing her own hair was longer, and under the wig Amaya's own almost light pink hair came visible.
Amaya the daughter of Niou Masaharu and Kikumaru Eijis sister was giggling of Emiko the daughter of the well-known acrobatic tennis player Kikumaru Eiji.
"Emiko if you don't hurry both of you are going to be late" Emiko's aunt was standing in the door to the room "and if I know Yanagi-sensei he won't be that satisfied if he has to wait up on you"
"Eh~" Emiko turned towards the bed, and saw it wasn't her own. She had again gone into Amaya's bed.
Emiko then turned towards her own room and grabbed her phone from her bed. And with the time it would take them going to school she had just around 13 minutes. "Why didn't you wake me earlier?" Emiko pushed her way past Amaya, she needed to hurry. She found her regular tennis uniform, her trainings cloth and wore the school uniform just like Amaya was. Her trainings and the regular uniform all found their way in to a sports bag.
"seriously Emi, haven't you even packed yet?" Amaya signed, now it was her turn to get a bit annoyed. She took the clothes from Emiko and pushed her towards the bathroom they shared on the first floor where their rooms were right beside each other.
"I had other things to take care of last night"
~ Flashback ~
"hi mom and dad" after tennis practice that day, Emiko had hurried home before Amaya, she hadn't told Niou-otou where she was going but she had told her aunt that she would visit her parents.
Emiko was sitting on her knees on the ground in front of the grave, she looked at the grave. It was almost 14 years since her mom had died, and around 6 years since her dad had died. Her mom had died a year after she was born, and her dad had died in a traffic accident.
"I'm going on a three days training camp so I won't be able to be here on..." Emiko's voice died out. It was suddenly so weird speaking loud to her mom and dad. She had never thought about it before. Because, before her dad had died, he had often taking her with him to visit the grave to talk with mom. She had even once traveled there by herself because she needed to talk with her mom about things she couldn't speak with her dad about.
While sitting on the ground, talking with her parents she hadn't recognized how dark it had suddenly become. She had been sitting in her totally own mind.
"Oh... I better get going" she rose to her feet and felt they were totally numb. She had to hold onto a piece of the grave to keep in balance. "I'll be back after the trip to tell you all about it" she smiled as she headed back home just in time to get dinner.
~ end of flashback ~
With help from Amaya and Amaya's dad Niou-otou's car both girl made it on time.
"I was just thinking about you girls" Kirihara's son Ryusuke was standing together with Yanagi's son Toma also known as Yato-senpai, at entrance to the minibus. "It could be that I needed to give you girl’s laps when we arrived" Kirihara Ryusuke was almost too much like his dad. He had a lot of the devil inside of him. The devil wasn't seen that much, but they all knew that Kirihara had a bad temper, and the younger had a really bad one.
How Kirihara then made it to be the captain was wonder for a lot of the members on the team. But together with Yukimura's girl Tomomi they made a good captain and vice-captain team.
"But none of us is late" Emiko complained. She didn't want to get extra laps. She was already one of the members on the team to get most laps besides her normal everyday run.
"Just get on the bus would you?" Yanagi-sensei, Yato-senpai's dad suddenly appeared from behind. He looked at Emiko and Amaya. None of them wanted to get him mad, or give him an excuse for giving them laps.
"Hai~" it came from both girls, and Emiko shifted the weight from her right foot to the left before going together with Amaya in the Minibus.
Inside the bus most of the regulars had already found a place to sit. In the front was Yukimura sitting properly together with Kirihara, Sanada Daichi was sitting with Yato-senpai. Sanada was scribbling in one of his normal not seen blue notes book. It had become the data-player, a big surprise for his dad.
A bit further back Yagyuu Makoto was sitting. He would normally sit together with Murai Aiko-senpai but Aiko senpai hadn't turned up yet. Makoto-kun was an important childhood friend for both Amaya and Emiko. Niou Masaharu and Yagyuu Hiroshi had kept in touch so their kids had been raised together. They even lived right next door.
In the back of the minibus Emiko could see that the two earlier doubles 2 regular player Kego Hikaru and Suzuki Kenta, the ones Amaya and Emiko had won against to get their place on the regular team, was sitting with the two freshman girls from Amaya and Emiko's class. They were looking like they were playing some sort of game.
"So are we picking up Murai or going without her?" Sanada looked up from his notebook. He had asked Kirihara and Yato-senpai, while they were getting on the bus.
"I think we need to go and get him" Yato-senpai was the only one who dared saying this because his dad looked nothing like happy at that moment. It would be a waste of time to go get Aiko-senpai.
"Yes I sort of figured that part out" After he had become a teacher and the tennis club coach, Yanagi sensei had started to change his personally. For the new regulars, it wasn't a surprise, but for the ex-regulars those which kids were on the regular team now, it was a big change.
Yanagi sensei sad down on the driver seat and closed the doors. Amaya and Emiko had found a place just beside Makoto-kun.
"Wait for me~" just before the doors was totally closed they all hear Aiko's shouting voice.
"Murai Aiko, the time is 07.36, I told you to be here at 07.30" A angry Kirihara blocked the way down the bus, so Aiko-senpai had to be just in front of him.
"Gomen, gomen" was all Aiko-senpai said. Yukimura placed her hand on Kirihara's shoulder and he sat back down on his seat while Aiko-senpai found her place beside Makoto-kun.
"Let's go, let's go" an already impatient Emiko was almost jumping in her seat. She just wanted to get going. She had never been good at sitting still for a longer period of time and even during class this could be a problem. She wanted to arrive soon so she could play some tennis or even go running she had too much energy right now.
So the bus started but unfortunately none other than Yato-senpai and Yanagi sensei knew how long of a drive it would take them to get to their point of destiny, so after the first hour they all still had high spirits but after the third hour, Emiko started to feel discomfort in the seats, and couldn't find peace.
All the regulars had started getting bored. The freshmen, Koga and Kenta had stopped playing and were together with a lot of regulars sleeping.
Emiko who in the beginning of the trip had been seating closes to the window had changed places with Amaya who was now sleeping against the window. She was drooling a bit but Emiko didn't want to wake her.
Emiko had been talking with Makoto, but Sanada and Yato-senpai had suddenly demanded his attention so again Emiko was bored.
Aiko-senpai had been sitting with the freshmen to play a game before they had all fallen to sleep. So Emiko had for over an hour been looking outside the front window while listening to her favorite band 'AAA'.
"Saa, Kiku-chan" Aiko-senpai had appeared on the seat behind Emiko. "are you going to try out for the singles on this camp?" Emiko looked at Aiko-senpai with big eyes.
"Why should I want to try out for the singles?" she asked Aiko-senpai, and then looked towards Amaya, "I really like playing doubles, and I want to keep playing with Amaya" Emiko looked at Aiko-senpai again.
Amaya and Emiko had lived together since the age of eight, and the first year had been really difficult for Emiko but Amaya had kept on pushing so it wasn't for anyone's surprise that Emiko looked at Amaya as a sister.
"But you could easily be a singles player" Since Amaya and Emiko had joined the regular team, they had all seen both of the girls playing both singles and doubles matches. And unlike most other doubles players both Amaya and Emiko had a lot of stamina, but Emiko loads more than Amaya. So being in a single match wouldn't be that difficult for Emiko.
The secret reason to why Emiko had so much more stamina that the rest of the team was because when she was a little girl her dad had been training her in Tennis as well as making sure she had loads of stamina, and when her dad had died she had kept on doing the exerciser her dad had learn her when she was younger. When, it all just had been a game.
"But it would be boring to play singles" smiling and looking at Amaya "and I still haven't learned my dad's seal step" the seal step was almost as famous as 'Split-step' but none other than Emiko's dad had been able to do it.
"That kind of makes sense" Aiko-senpai said while bursting a bubble with her sugar-free gum. Aiko had like her dad low stamina, and she worked on it every day, but unlike her dad she didn't like sweets.
"Well we want to be the world’s number one doubles pair" Emiko wanted to learn the seal step but it would take some time, but she also wanted to be the world’s number one just like her dad and his partner Oishi Suichirou had been.


So this is the first chap. I had another imagination for this chap but I suddenly had so many I needed to introduce, and then it got longer than expected x3
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