Turning back time

I don't own Prince of tennis, I'm just a fan with an imagination ^^
- So after reading Sasa-cocoa's journey to the past I got this idea ^^ Hope you'll like it...
- Yes this kind of a follow up on my own 'Years after what we know', but you can read this without having read the other one ^^
Sum: So after Emiko and Ayama joined the Rikkai dai regular team they had been training their asses off. Kirihara together with the rest of the important persons on the team decided to make a training camp, but on this camp they meet up with Seigaku team, and from here on everything doesn't go as anyone thought about


3. Taken back in time

”Echizen you can't sleep here” a voice again way too far away said something, but this time instead of getting closer someone started shaking her. Emiko slowly opened her eyes a bit annoyed. Her head hurt maybe that juice hadn't done something that bad, a headache she could manage.
”He's still alive” the person that's been shaking her a bit looked away and then looked at her again. She was pretty sure it was Itaki, and was about to complain about the juice, but she suddenly felt her tongue stick to her front teeth and Itaki missed something.
”Inui you shouldn't have hit him with that serve” a voice she knew way to well talked and she looked towards the voice. It was her dad in a young version, she was about the scream. What was this? She looked around and saw the Seigaku's regular’s team when her dad had been in Seigaku middle school. She was surprised to know them, but they were just younger.
“But he normally never get hit” Inui looked towards her.
“Well if you look closer...” suddenly it was Fuji's voice and his face came into view, “he, is a she” Fuji didn't point he just made reference towards her bottom which was a skirt and not a pair of shorts.
“Woa~” she was the first to react, she never liked the skirt and she was pretty sure she hadn't been wearing one earlier when she was playing against Rukas and Amaya, that being back in her own time.
“But if she is not Ochibi, then who is she??” her dad asked. Emiko looked towards him, and suddenly she had to look away.
“Oi Emiko what is this??” another voice that sounded like Ryoma-kun's but wasn't sounded and Emiko looked towards another familiar face, but this time it was from her own time.
“Emiko?” the regulars turned toward her, and she just nudged
“What is all of you doing??” a stoic voice came in the mix of all the friendly ones
“We just...” Momoshiro tried to say, but the stoic voice's owner came into view and none of them tried to explain any further.
“Echizen...?” Tezuka the one with the always stoic voice and face said, looking down on her and then at Masaharu who now was at her side.
“We got to find a story” Masaharu whispered, and Emiko knew what he meant. She quickly closed her eyes and rose to her feet. Only to find the real Echizen Ryoma, standing nearby drinking Ponta.
“We're sorry for the confusing; we're also Echizen's but...” Emiko looked at Masaharu and if she looked like Ryoma-kun and they had though she was Ryoma-kun she had to be a really good look alike. “Well we're Ryoma-kun's cousin” all of the regulars looked towards Ryoma-kun who didn't say anything. He just took another sip of his Ponta.
Masaharu rose to his feet as well and Emiko saw he was caring a big blue and black tennis bag, another one was on the ground but this one being purple and black.
“We just came to town, and tried to find Ryoma-kun so we could ask him the directions for his house, because Emiko got us lost” this time it was Masaharu helping Emiko to make the story, but Emiko didn't like the way it had taking a turn.
“Are you tennis player?” Emiko suddenly heard her dad ask, and she looked shortly toward Masaharu and then on their bags.
“Eiji, can't you see they are carrying tennis bags” Oishi as always with a very friendly and motherly tone said. Emiko had been too much together with the Oishi family when she was younger, so she knew very well. It was a bit calming on her.
“O-chibi's do you want to play?” her dad said and looked toward Tezuka “this is alright right?” he asked the stoic person. Emiko wasn't sure she wanted to play against her own dad.
“All of you should get back to your training” Tezuka said “or do you all of you want 50 laps?” and when the regulars didn't move he hadn't to ask one more time. The regulars jumped and then started running towards the courts where the second years where trying to train the first years by swinging their racket. Emiko never understood this form of training, but she had never had it so that could be the reason for why.
“You two follow me” he didn't look at Masaharu or Emiko but started to walk towards the tennis club room. “You can change in here” the two Echizen look-a-like looked towards Tezuka who frowned. “I can't let Echizen leave the tennis club before the practice is over so I'll let you two be a part of it today” he didn't look at the two well not to begin with because he suddenly looked towards Emiko's skirt
“But I'm pretty sure you don't want to practice in your school uniform” Emiko looked down and again saw the skirt. She had almost forgotten about it, but she saw it was a school uniform, and Masaharu was carrying the same just with pants. It didn't look like Seigaku's uniform which Emiko had recognized looked somewhat different from the one the regulars back in their time had been wearing.
Tezuka left them and the two look-a-likes looked at each other.
“I'm not surprised they thought you were an Echizen, even you hair is messy and black/greenish” Masaharu said and pulled his shirt over his head.
“Woa~ wait!” Emiko felt a small hint of a pink shade on her cheeks turned her back to him. Masaharu laughed at her.
“We're supposed to be twins you know” Emiko could hear his voice way to close to her ear. She could even feel his breath, but she couldn't take it. She turned, slapped him, and left the clubroom in anger.

On the tennis court:

“So Emiko-chan is you ready for a match against me?” Momo-chan-senpai looked towards her. She had been changing to her training outfit after a laughing Masaharu had left the club room. So she was wearing a purple polo, and some black shorts. Masaharu had a matching blue polo and also some black shorts on.
“Hai Momo-chan-senpai” she said without thinking. Momo-chan-senpai smiled at her because he never liked people saying Momoshiro, and Emiko already knew this.
“Good, which?”
“Smooth” The racket fall on the smooth side.
They parted, heading for their end on the tennis court.
“One set match” some third year said “Momo-chan versus Echizen Emiko, Emiko to serve” Emiko had asked they boys to call her Emiko, because with all of the Echizens on the felt right know it would be to confusing.
Emiko had gotten a tennis ball from Momo-chan-senpai. She had the racket in her right hand. She wanted to check him out before playing really serious, dribbling the ball a few times with her racket before throwing it into the air.
“What was that?”
“Faster than my eye”
Some voices around the court said, and Emiko knew why they were surprised for even though she was serving with her right hand, she had mastered the perfect Amaya serve. It was a really fast serve.
“Woa~” Momo-chan-senpai looked at Emiko “that was incredible” Emiko prepared for another serve.
“30-love” another serve Momo-chan-senpai couldn't return. Emiko could see Inui was writing in his notebook, and she wasn't in any doubt it was about her.
“40-love” another point to Emiko and before anyone could say anything Emiko was in the lead with 4-0.
“Ee, Momo-chan-senpai is sweating so much” one of the freshmen’s was pointing out. Emiko looked toward the freshman, and then at Momo-chan-senpai.
It was a really hot day so it wasn't to any surprise, and Emiko felt the heating as well, but not nearly as strong as Momo-chan-senpai apparently did.
“4-love Emiko to serve” the umpire called, and yet again Emiko prepared for a serve and again it was a perfect serve.
“They are really fast” Momo-chan-senpai was looking towards where the ball was laying. Emiko just smiled placing her racket on her shoulder as her Dad had done so many times before. She looked toward the audience and saw first her dad and then Masaharu, who looked like she missed something. She looked towards her dad and his partner Oishi and then dropped changed the way she had placed her racket.
The game continued, and only a few minutes after the score had changed again.
“5-love. Emiko lead” Emiko wasn't bored but this wasn't how she used to play against Yagyuu or Amaya. This was something very different, but it wasn't as challenge as what her team members from the Rikkai tennis team brought to her.
“Emiko why don't you use your play?” it was Momo-chan-senpai’s turn to serve, and just as he did Masaharu was breaking her concentration.
“15-0” the umpire called, giving Momo-chan-senpai his first point through-out the whole match.
Emiko turned to look at Masaharu.
“Stay out of my match” she said as calmly as possible, but this wasn't easy because he knew what he was talking about knowing her play all too well.
“30-love” another ball went to Momo-chan-senpai. All because of Masaharu.
“Why don't you use your 'right' hand?” again Masaharu ignored the fact that Emiko was having a real match.
“5-1 Emiko lead” the Umpire told them and this time Emiko was about to lose her temper. She had turned and needed to take a deep breath with closed eyes before she could look at what right know was her “brother”
“Oi, what does he mean about 'right' hand?” Momo-chan-senpai asked the question most of the regulars had on their mind.
“Don’t tell me she's a lefty” one of the freshmen’s said, Emiko just smiled and lot the racket fly from one hand to another while it was twisting.
“I'm sorry Momo-chan-senpai” she looked at Momo-chan-senpai and smiled. She swung the racket a few times, and no more than two minutes after she had won the match.
“6-1 Emiko win”

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