Turning back time

I don't own Prince of tennis, I'm just a fan with an imagination ^^
- So after reading Sasa-cocoa's journey to the past I got this idea ^^ Hope you'll like it...
- Yes this kind of a follow up on my own 'Years after what we know', but you can read this without having read the other one ^^
Sum: So after Emiko and Ayama joined the Rikkai dai regular team they had been training their asses off. Kirihara together with the rest of the important persons on the team decided to make a training camp, but on this camp they meet up with Seigaku team, and from here on everything doesn't go as anyone thought about


4. Echizen resident


“So this is it” Emiko whistled while she said it. Looking at the big house, it was weird to know she was going to live it for the period of time.
Masaharu didn't say anything, but one thing suddenly stoke Emiko. Masaharu properly lived in the same house, in their time together with the whole family. She looked shortly at him but none of them said anything.
“Tadaima” Ryoma-kun said while going through the front door. No one answered, but suddenly a brownish and white fuss ball came running their way. Emiko took a step back, not knowing what was coming their way,
“Oi Karupin” Ryoma-kun said for in stead of the fuss ball jumping in the arms of Ryoma-kun It had decided the arms of Emiko who was pretty surprised.
“Ryoma-kun Okaeri” a female came to the hall to greet them. She looked at Ryoma-kun and then at Masaharu and Emiko. They all had the same hair color as Ryoma-kun but Masaharu was cut in another way, and Emiko's was much longer, their eye color didn't match though because Masaharu still had his mothers eyes and Emiko her dad's.
“It's Emiko and Masaharu Echizen, they are twins and some what my cousins” he said not really sounded like he cared about it. 
They all greeted and the female being Meino Nanako, Ryoma's cousin. Emiko hoped that their story wouldn't reviled. She offered them tea and took them too the living room, Ryoma-kun leaving them to go to his room.
“Nanjirou-san will be home soon” Nanako said while giving them their tea. Masaharu and Emiko thanked for it, and then they then said in silence even though Emiko felt like she had a thousand question but those where only for Masaharu's ear's.
“Saa, what brings you to Tokyo?” Nanako-san suddenly asked, Emiko looking her way not knowing what to say.
“Our dad asked us to go to Nanjirou-san to get some training” Masaharu answered like he had it all thought out.
“Tadaima” Nanjiro Echizen stood in the living room looking at some sort of magazine.
“Moe~ Ji-san” Masaharu rose to his feet, went to Nanjirou-san and grabbed the magazine. “aren't you to old for these kinds of magazines?” Emiko looked with surprise while Masaharu just acted. She wasn't sure if he reacted because Nanjirou-san actully was his Oji-san or because it had to be more real, either way Nanjirou-san got really surprised. 
“Woa” he looked at Masaharu “Oi seishounen when did your hair get this long?” he asked reaching out to touch Masaharu's hair.
“Otou-san, you're home” Ryoma-kun came to the living room, changed and with a racket. Nanjirou-san looked at the two Ryoma looking boys and then at the girl. He looked really confusing.
“Oh I see, kaa-san hasn't send him the letter yet” Masaharu looked towards Emiko saying this. She was shortly confused but then understood and shrugged like she didn't care.
“So are you going to explain?” Emiko looked at Ryoma-kun but her words was directed towards Masaharu. “I want to play some tennis” she rose and looked towards Masaharu wanted him to explain while she could play against Ryoma-kun.
“What's going on?” Nanjirou-san demanded to know and while Masaharu started to explain Emiko headed towards the backyard hoping for a game against Ryoma-kun.
Night time on the backyard court
“Mada mada dana” Emiko had been playing against Nanjirou-san and of course he had beat her big time. He had won 6-0, and Emiko was embarressed. How did she manage to lose that big, she knew that Nanjirou-san being the samurai and all that but then again this was just bad. She was happy that Kirihara-buchou wasn't here to watch her.
She was laying on the ground breathing hardly. It was night time so no one other that these two was outside. The rest of the house was quiet and had been like that for a couple of hours. 
Emiko had like always woke up in the middle of the night not being able to sleep, and because Amaya wasn't with her she had, went to the backyard where she had found Nanjirou-san who she wanted a match against. 
She had been using her acrobatic play but even that hadn't been good enough to beat the 'Samurai'.
Emiko rose to her feet or she tried to because her whole body was suddenly in pain. In the end she had to forfeit. She needed to rest a bit more. 
“Your dad didn't do a very good job” Nanjiro said turning her way. He looked at her but didn't do anything to help her. This was nothing like the match she had, had against Ryoma-kun earlier.
~ Flashback ~ 

“5-4 Emiko lead” they had been playing without an referee but suddenly Masaharu decided to be the referee. Ryoma-kun and Emiko had started playing while Masaharu and Nanjirou-san had been talking. Masaharu had told Nanjirou-san their story, or well some of it, because Emiko wasn't sure about how much he had told, but she trusted Masaharu in some ways.
“Oh seishounen just because she's a girl you have to play seriously” Nanjirou-san had joined them in the backyard. He sad down and looked at their play, but somewhat looked just like Masaharu had done when he and Rukas had entered the camp back in their time, like it all was boring.
“Che otou-san I know that” Ryoma-kun said but neither of Emiko or him had been playing seriously yet. Emiko was still playing with her right hand, and Ryoma-kun didn't putting so much effort in his shots. He didn't use twist serve when it was his turn to serve, and Emiko didn't use the Amaya serve or her acrobatic play. 
“6-4 Emiko win” another game had been playing and Emiko had won.
“That was boring” Emiko lot her racket hit her shoulder a few times and yawn. 

~ Flashback end ~
“I've never...” Emiko was about to say something stupid. She didn't like Nanjirou-san talking bad about her dad, but she had to remind herself that who he thought, and who her real dad was, was two different people.  
“Che...” was all she said and finally found the strength to sit up.
“You should head back to bed, you and your brother is starting on Seigaku tomorrow” Nanjirou-san left Emiko who with difficult dragged herself inside. Knowing that it was only a few hours until it was morning and the school day would start.


Authors note:
So yeah this was the Echizen resident ^^
I KNOW that I didn't stay that much in character >.< I really tried and PLEASE tell me what I could have done better because I thought this was difficult one, because I'm not quiet sure how to make sure I stay in char >.<
Oh yeah and ofcourse please review ^^

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