Training Camp

What happens when both girls and boys regular team is on the same camp??

//Prince of tennis Fanfic//


3. Taken back in time

”Okay boys and girls, listening up” the next morning they where all together in the main hall eating their breakfast.
Chika had been dragging by Momoko to the dinning room. She had been so tired that even to take on clothes she had needed help. It was 8.30am but it was way to early in Chika's head.
“Chika~” Momo's voice sounded so far away.
Chika was no morning person. Had never been and properly never would be. She didn't function before after 10am. So even though she came to the morning practise all the regulars knew that it wasn't her full power.
“The boys have been out on a morning run, and we as coaches was thinking about making some fun together today” for a split second the hall was quiet. “Why not have some training matches with both the boys and the girls” some small whispering started to be heard around the hall. 
“Did you hear that??” Momoko turned to Chika only to watch her sleep with her head almost on the table.
“Oi Eiji~” Oishi tried to wake Kikumaru. His doubles partner was sleeping against him. Oishi tried to wake his partner, but it didn't help much.
“Do you listening Kikumaru?!” Ryuzaki's sensee's voice suddenly sounded very close and Kikumaru jumped from the bench.
“I am awake-Nya~” he said, and the hall busted out laughing. The boys regular knew that he had been fast asleep since they came back from the morning run. Kikumaru was like Momoshiro not that happy for the mornings, but Momo was to adapt to them, and even thought it had been Momo not being satisfied last night, he and Echizen had no problems by being awake.
“Good that you're awake, then you can help me” Ryuzaki sensee was going back to where the girls coach was and expected of Kikumaru to follow.
“Because we don't want to put you on teams, each of the boys are going to take a piece of paper, from this bowl” Ryuzaki sensee looked around at the hall and then at Kikumaru.
“On the paper one of the girls names is, and that'll be your partner for today. You have to win both doubles and singles matches and other things” the girls coached looked at Kikumaru, who took one more step. 
“and of course the losers will have to drink a Inui and Yuuka speciel” Kikumaru looked down at Inui. He knew his juice was bad, and had only heard roomers about the girl. He diffentely didn't wanted to lose.
“Yamaguchi Chika” her name was called but it sounded so far away.
“Oi Chika it's you” Momoko's voice was closer and then she was shaken. Chika opened her eyes and looked at Momoko, and then another set of eyes.
“Hoi hoi, she's awake-nya~” she knew that voice and that set of eyes was belongning to Kikumaru. 
Chika suddenly moved. She hadn't expected Kikumaru to be so close. He just looked at the coaches for a short period of time.
“We're partners for today” he looked at her and made his signature 'V' sign. Chika tried to make one back, but was still confused and tired. Kikumaru headed back to the boys table.
“So what's going to happen today?” Chika looked even more confused at Momoko.  Ayako who sad on the other side of the table sighed. It wasn't for fun she was called the girls Viper. She was a lot like Kaidoh in many ways. And just like Kaidoh she couldn't stand Momoshiro.
“We are paired up with the boys for today” Ayako was annoyed. She never liked that Chika could sleep whenever she wanted.
“It was the coaches way of letting us have some fun” Momoko looked at Chika who sat up straight. She looked at her plate. It wasn't your normale everyday breakfast. She looked at Momo's plaite and saw that she had the normal Japanese breakfast. 
“They coaches know that you like to only eat bread in the morning” Momo looked at Chika while she was poking the toast. 
“Come on, come on, you're to slow” he looked at her. Chika was still a lot like she was sleeping, and he ended up jumping behind her and was pushing her to the their first checkpoint.
“Oh Kikumaru and Yamaguchi, you'll have to hit the can in that color I shout” one of the girl freshman was at this post, and told them what to do. Kikumaru looked at Chika. 
“This isn't fair-nya~” Kikumaru was looking at Chika who was rubbing her eyes. She still looked really tired.
“it's alright Kikumaru” The freshman looked at Chika. She knew how the girl worked, and knew that it was only a questions about seconds now. Kikumaru still didn't get it, and was about to get annoyed. He looked at Chika still rubbing her eyes. She was standing with the racket in her right hand and used her left hand.
“Kikumaru Red, Chika yellow” the freshman shouted, while she was shooting two balls. One for each of them. Kikumaru jumped and hitted his perfectly, and was just about shooting the next ball when he saw Chika. She was sudden much more awake and with pinpoint accuraty placed the ball at the yellow can in the middle. Close between a red and a blue. 
“Ohayou Chika” the freshman was chuckling, and gave Chika a high five. 
“So you just needed to wake” Kikumaru concluded. He was shaking his head and they went to the next base.
The second and the third base was quite easy as well. It was singles thing to do to build up stamina and power, and first with the fourth one the meet another pair. The Echizen, Raina pair. 
“Yamaguchi Chika, Kikumaru Eiji against Echizen Ryoma,  Raina” They went to their places. Raina and Kikumaru in the front and Chika and Echizen in the back. 
“one set, match, Ito Raina to serve” 
Ito was dribling the tennis ball a few times with her hand and then her racket. She took the ball, throw it in the air and then made her serve.
“5-3 Kikumaru, Yamaguchi team, lead” 
“Yatta” Kikumaru looked really happy. Chika was breathing really hard. Kikumaru had been using some of his arcobatic play, but most of the balls had ended in Chika's area and she had been running around for the last three games. 
“Oi Chika??” Kikumaru suddenly looked at Chika. She had leaned against her racket who was places against the ground but suddenly she lost focus.
“Count with me” Kimiko who had been in charge of this post had run'd to Chika and was now kneeling beside her.
“11,12,13,14,15....” they had started to count and Chika felt how her breathing turned normal, and before they had reached the 35 Kimiko was to hear feet again.
“we're going to continue the game” she said knowing that Chika wasn't done counting yet. But it was Raina's turn to do the serve so she was in the back.
“Sorry Chika but I'm not holding back” Chika heard what Raina was saying but was focusing on her counting.
“44,45,46,47,48,49...” it was now Kikumaru's turn to run around on the court making sure he wasn't running into Chika or hitting her.
“Echizen, Ito Game, 5-4” the Kimiko shouted and made a mess for Chika. She lost her counting and looked up. Kikumaru was breathing a bit havy. Chika was smiling and gave him a V sign.
“Bui” Kikumaru smiled at her. “We'll win” Chika nooded, knowing that she hadn't gotten all her stamina back so she needed to finis this game fast.


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