Training Camp

What happens when both girls and boys regular team is on the same camp??

//Prince of tennis Fanfic//


4. Four

"Game set of match. Kikumaru*Yamaguchi pair win"
"Hoi hoi" He smiled and went for Chika for a high touch. They where both breathing heavy and didn't really make the high five before the both was laying on their bags.
"That was a good one" Kikumaru said looking at her. Chika was smiling. Yeah indeed that had been a really good one.
"Oi Chika why didn't you..." Raina looked at her. Raina knew a lot of the secrets about Chika. But it was secrets. She wasn't suppose to say anything. "You wasn't done counting so why could you make it?" Raina had change her question.
"Well I'm not sure" Chika smiled and laid on her bag again. Kikumaru had turned around and looked at Chika. He was curious, but didn't say anything.
"Come on you two, you need to get on, you still have three post's left" Kimiko was heading their way. Kikumaru was to his feet again and shortly after Chika was also on her feet.
"We need to run up here" Kikumaru had the map and looked at it. He showed Chika the route and looked what way they needed to take.
"Ok" Chika smiled and they started to run. It was uphill most of the way, and Chika could feel that she wasn't really recovered after the match, but Kikumaru looked like he didn't have any problems and because of that Chika didn't wanted to drag him down.
They had been running for a while and finally found the next check point.
"Good you're here" one of the boys freshmen said.
"Oi Horio, what are we doing?" Kikumaru looked. The boy was sitting out on a stone in the river. He explained what they needed to do. It didn't sound that difficult but when Chika was to stand out in the river with the flow against her, trying to shoot the down coming ball against the stream with a cap on her racket, she felt she wasn't as strong as she thought.
"Hoi Hoi Ochibiko, gambatta" Kikumaru was shouting from the other side. He had gotten his in first try. Chika failed her first tempt and was hitting her ball over the basket.
"Nyu~" was the sound coming from Chika when she tried again and this time...
"Yoshi-ya" Kikumaru was jumping around on the ground. "you did it" it was like Kikumaru was more happy know that she had made it, that when he made it. Chika looked down on her right hand where she held the racket, and then at Horio. He gave her a v-sign and they carried one to the next point.
"We need to finish these ones quick or else we'll be late" They where already at the next point. And the thought about having to drink the Inui*Yuuka wasn't something that any of them wanted.
The finished the race in a good score, and Kikumaru and Chika was both drained for energy.
The girls Coach had looked at Chika but she made the coach keep quiet. She didn't wanted her speciel and secrets move to be out just yet.
"So you don't dare to have a match against me?" A familiar voice was to loud. It was Ayako who right know was just in front of Momoshiro.
"You'll just loose big time" Momoshiro said plain cold and arrogant.
"Don't you dare to look down on a girl!" Momokos voice was suddenly mixed in, and Chika could also hear Kaidohs 'Fuushi~' this was a bad sign. Chika started to walk towards the voices and found them all standing in front of the entrance to the courts.
"Hey hey, don't argue" Oishi tried to seperate them but without any luck.
"Oishi-senpai maybe we should just let them settle it on the court?" Oishi looked at her and then at the two pair. He sighned, and then looked towards the house. He could she Ryuzaki-sensee. She was agreeing with Chika.
"One set of matchs 5-4, Kaidoh to serve" the match was begun and Oishi held the place as refer. Kaidoh made his serve and Momoko returned it. Both of the teams was good. They had a abnormal amount of stamina. And none of them seemed to be just a bit tired. It was a long match, and just these 9 points had taken them over an hour.
"Game Suzuki*Matsumoto pair, 5 game to all" Oishi called.
"Yatta" Momoko looked extremely happy that they again had been catching up. Ayako was just her normal self though she looked a little annoyed at Momoko.
"Suzuki to serve" a lot of both the boys and the girls regular had gathered to watch this game.
"15-love" First serve made its way to the other site of the net without being returned.
"30-love" the second one. Momoko fast serve was something to be proud of.
"Go for it Moziko" someone shouted, and while Momoko was making her fast serve she looked away. The ball being hit by the racket but not going towards the other side, but.
"Abanai Oishi~" Kikumaru's voice sounded so far away, but the ball was going directly towards Oishi. Chika reacted without thinking. To begin with she needed to catch the ball, and on her way she grab a racket from the coach bench with her left hand.
"Do it Chika~" Kimiko shouted, for just like Chika, Kimiko knew that Chika would be able to just barely make it.
Chika wouldn't let one of Momoko's fast serve beat her, so she jumped and it looked like she was falling but insted she only landed with her right hand and pushed so she would be able to met the ball with her racket. It was a trick she have been seeing Kikumaru doing so often.
She pinpointed at the baseline behind Momoshiro and Kaidoh.
"Ya-Yama... Yamaguchi" Oishi was kneeling beside her. She had been landing face first towards the ground.
"Chika~!" Momoko and Ayako shouted and Chika could hear then running towards her. Chika was still laying on the ground.
With still holding the racket with her left she lifted the racket, saying I'm alright. Momoko and Ayako stopped.
"Wuarh! what was that Ochibiko?" Kikumaru was at her side and helped her to her feet.
"Well..." Chika was trying to explain...
"Why didn't you use that earlier?" Kikumaru demanded to know.
"Oi Kikumaru she didn't wanted to beat you acrobatic play" Yuuka was also among the watchers. Kikumaru looked at Yuuka not sure if he trusted her.
"Are they serious?" Kikumaru had turned towards Chika, and instead of trying to explain she just smiled, putted her hands and the racket behind her head and looked at Momoko, who had just being smiling but now wasn't so proud anylonger. 
"Oi chibi..." she could hear Kikumaru, but Oishi properly had stopped him.
"Eiji she might have had a greater reason" he said slowly and Kikumaru moved his stare from Chika, who was walking towards Momoko and Ayako.
"Gomen nasai" both of them said in perfectly synch and bowed. Chika rooled her eyes.
"don't apologies to me" she signed and then both of the girls looked at Oishi and also he got a synch apology.
"it's alright nothing happened" Kikumaru waved to them from Oishi.


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