Training Camp

What happens when both girls and boys regular team is on the same camp??

//Prince of tennis Fanfic//


2. A match of destiny

“haa~” Chika came back from the bathroom. It had been nice and warm.
“They even got at big bath tube so we could all go tomorrow” Momoko the 2nd yeah that had been following Chika sat down on her futon.
 Momoko and the boys regular Momoshiro didn't look a like at all. Momoshiro from the boys team was a roockie and Momoko was almost as girly as you could ever been, being on the tennis regular team. 
“So how did it go?” Chika turned to see Megami come into the room. She had bright red chicks, and look really happy. She sat down on her futon. 
“good” Megami was still bright red. All the girls turned to her and wanted to hear more about it.
“So you want the hole story?” 
“Well to begin with Fuji was late...”
“How could he ever be late~” 
“don't interrupt her...”
“Yeah continue”
“So he was late, but was really sweet when he came, he told me why he was late and we just sad on the coach bench and talked...” Chika stopped listening. Not because the story wasn't great. Not because the story was boring. She didn't know why, but her attention was caught by something else. She looked out of the window and then saw what had interrupted her. She left the room. But remembered to bring her red and black tennis bag.
the voices from two boys had been mixed together but they where still so different so it was no big deal to separate them. It was Momoshiro and Kikumaru. 
Chika had stopped a bit from the court and now just looked at them. Kikumaru. His arcobatic play had always been very fascinating for her. She had been in the gymnastic team when she was younger but had started to lose interest in it.
She had seen him play and had been totally caught by it. It was his fault she was now playing tennis. All of the girls knew it, but he did not know. He had never seen her play or that was what she thought.
“Isn't that, that,girl...” Momoshiro suddenly looked at her. Kikumaru had his back towards Chika. He returned the ball and turned to look at Chika.
“Yoshi-ya 15-love”  Kikumaru looked towards Momo.
“That wasn't fair!!” he said taken some fast step towards the net and Momo, and didn't look anything like happy. Chika felt the latter from her stomach and wanted to stop it but just couldn't. 
Both of the boys went and looked at Chika.
“Isn't that, that girl?” Momo had asked, and Kikumaru had returned the ball to Momoshiro's court and then turned. He shouldn't had done that. Shouldn't had turned.
“Yoshi-ya 15-love”
“That wasn't fair!” Kikumaru was quick and suddenly he was at the net. Momoshiro when backwards with a few step, and then they both heard it. The girl was laughing. Kikumaru turned towards the girl.
“Do you feel better-nya~?” he asked her and lifted his hands with the racket and placed them behind his head. The girl looked like she didn't know how to response.
“You looked like you was half death earlier” Momo tried to explain, and the girl when half red.
“Oh yeah, I just needed to count to 80 and then I'm alright again” this time she was smiling. Kikumaru felt the smile and couldn't stop himself from smiling back.
“You do the same??” Momo asked the girl. Momo was suddenly closer. He had stepped over the net and was just beside Kikumaru. She blushed again. Momo looked at Kikumaru. “You do the same” Momo still smiling looked at a Kikumaru who's turn it was to turn red. 
“yeah I do...” Kikumaru, still red answered, but then he looked up and was he's always smiling self.
“where you hoping for a match??” Momo asked, and pointed with his racket on Chika's tennis bag. She shrugged, and then smiling.
“Oh Mamushiro~” Momo said when he saw Kaidoh appear from the dark. He had with 100% accuracy been out training. Out on his evening run. Kaidoh was ignoring Momo and looked at Chika. 
“O-chibi-ko you want a match?” Kikumaru looked at Chika. He had giving her the almost same nick name as he had given Echizen. Chika nodded.
“One set, match, Yamguchi to serve“ they was in their places and Chika stod with the racket in her right hand boucing the ball with her left. She lot it hit the racket a few times and then threw the ball in the air to make the serve...
“What are you doing?” just as Chika was about to make the serve, Oishi's had made his way to the court. He looked around on them. “Why are all of you not in your beds” he wasn't in any way satisfied, and then he fixed his eyes at Kikumaru, almost saying 'you should know better' – but without words.
“Go straight back to your beds, your punishment will be displayed tomorrow” was all he said and turned.
“He's really starting to step it up” was All Chika said, and Momo was chuckling, but all of them returned to their beds.
“Where did you go?” Momoko was as always the first to figure when Chika wasn't coming on time. It was like the Chika's 2nd year senpai was always looking after her. 
“just went out” she said knowing that Momoko wasn't in any way satisfied with that explanation. But it had to do.
“Okay girls lights out” Chihiro their captain suddenly said, and everyone when quiet. The light went out and it was all silent. 
“so where did you go” but only for some seconds. Momoko had moved closer to Chika and had asked again. Chika turned to her other side.
“Oi oi, don't ignore me”
“Momoko!” Chihiro was annoyed and Momoko went under her bedding. And it got quiet again. Chihiro had decided when she got to be the captain last year that their was no need to be so informal, so all the regular was on first name base.


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