Training Camp

What happens when both girls and boys regular team is on the same camp??

//Prince of tennis Fanfic//


1. Training camp

I don't have English as my first language, not even my second, so sorry for misspells, and gramma stuff but hope you still can read it...

I don't own ANY of the Seigaku boys, the only ones I own is the girls team ^^ *hugs the girls team*


"Aah~" Kikumaru was stretching in the bus seat. They had been driving for a few hours.
Oishii felt the same way as his doublet partner did.
Momoshiro and Echizen was fast sleep, like always, Inui was reading some data, the freshmen's and Kawamura was playing some sort of game and Fuji was looking out of the window.
Kaidoh had been late and had called Ryuzaki-sensee saying that he was late, so his dad would bring him.
"When are we there?" Kikumaru looked at Oishi
"Soon" Oishi said while knowing it was hard for Kikumaru to sit so long in the bus. "Why don't you play the game with the freshmens and Kawamura?"
Kikumaru who had been looking out the window looked at his partner, and almost jumped out of his seat to get back in the bus.
The regular boys from the Seigaku tennis club was going on a training camp. For a week.


"Are we there yet?" in another bus the girls from the Seigaku girls tennis club was sitting.
"You have to wait a little while longer Chika" one of the other girls said to the extremely impatiant girl. She was the youngest regular and still a freshman in their club.
"But I want to get out" Chika was pulling her legs unto her seat.
"We all want to get out" Kimiko the girl sitting beside her said. They had been friends since childhood, and was ending up at the same school, and in the same club.
"Demo~" Chika wasn't happy with that answer. She wanted to get off soon.
"Well girls, you know the routine" their coach looked around at them. They had getting of the bus, and all the girls had start chit chatting again. "The fresmens starts cooking, the rest of you start your training" their trainer was still talking but it was like most of the girls didn't hear it. "Walk!" Their coach lifted her voice and a rush went through them all.
"Hai" all as one answered lifting their one hand. All the freshmens except Chika went to the kitchen, while the rest of the girls, who accounted for the 9 in their regular group started to walk towards the changing room. However, she had the rest of the regular hadn't expect to see Seigaku's second regular team. Seigaku's regular boys team.
"It's them," Megami a 2nd year girl, looked over at the boys, and soon found Fuji in the crowd. She had loved him since she started school, but had never dared to tell him her feelings. So of course he was the first one she would spot.
"Well... who other could it be," Chika said boldly and laughed and started running toward the room. Well knowing her senpai was running fast after her.
Chika went to the changing room. Megami still right behind her.
She was always one of the lasts. The other girls always teased her for being slow, but on the court no one of them dared to said that.


"Majidesuka?" Kikumaru was looking at Ryuzaki-sensee. Was she really serious. There had to be a mistake. Kikumaru couldn't thing of another way.
"Kikumaru, there is 99.5% that Ryuzaki sensee didn't make a mistake" Inui said, fixing his classes. Kikumaru turned to him, and diffidently didn't look satisfied.
"Demo Ryuzaki-sensee, this camp is filled with girls?" Oishii said after had been stepping out of the bus and was now looking around.
"Say something Oishi" Kikumaru complained.
But there was nothing any of them could do. They had to just deal with it. Momo was more than happy. Kawamura was a bit nervous but the rest of them looked like they already had dealed with it.
"Get to the court" Ryuzaki-sensai said and all responded in agreement.
"Yay we got here before the girls" Kikumaru looked extremely happy. Fuji smiled at him, but looked towards the building the girls just had went in to.
"Okay we are starting with some training matches, so Kikumaru against Oishi, Kawamura against Kaidoh and Inui against Fuji" Ryuzaki-sensee said and the training began.


"Bui~" Kikumaru said while showing his V sign at Oishi... Hi was winning.
"No way" Ayako looked at the court, and she saw all of the boys training
Chika had been one of the last to show up, but could now see why Ayako wasn't satisfied.
"Say something sensai" Momoko was complaining to their coach, but there was nothing they could do. The boys had gotten the training court before them.
"Okay girls, we're training stamina and other muscles today" their coach said. More complaining could be heard.
"SEIGAKU!" Megami shouted to stop them.
"Fight-o" The rest of the girls shouted just right after and their running began


"There's the girls," Momo was looking at the girls who came back from their run. He was leaning against the fence.
The girls had been more than running. It was oblivious. What their coach had been doing wasn't sure for Momo, but something that had been taking lots of their stamina and energy.
"That girl..." Kikumaru stood beside Momo and looked at one of the girls. She was behind the rest of them and almost got dragged by Megami.
"She's a freshman" Inui came to them and looked at the girls."She's a bit older than Echizen, but has a simular playing style as Kikumaru but is low in stamina as well" while fixing his classes he looked at Kikumaru. He knew he had to work on that part.
"That's it for today" Ryuzaki-sensee got all of the boys' attention. "We start tomorrow at six o'clock to run so the girls can get tracks"
"E~ " Momo liked the training but did they had to get up that early in the morning for doing this? He wasn't sure but then again he knew that they had to use every single minute of the camp. Inui looked like he was already doing some less nice plans. There was none of the boys that liked that look on Inui's face. It always had some pretty bad taste with it.
"Here you go Eiji" Oishi handed Kikumaru a towel and water bottle.
"thanks Oishi" Kikumaru happily took it and began to drink. They had been doing training matches and Kikumaru could feel that he was pretty dead for energy. He had to train some more to get his stamina up so he could keep up with all the others.


"Dinner time" the freshmen shouted so all the regulars could hear it. In the kitchen the three boys and the two girls had been trying to make dinner for all of the regulars. It wasn't that much of a problem but they had to make much more food than first predicted.

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