The Misunderstood

A selection of skinny thoughts presented in black dots on a piece of paper?


5. You Don't Love Me

My finger tips are numb from the wind that blows.

You don't love me.

Wrapped up warm, protected from the world.

You don't love me.

A pick here, a pick there, they break me down bit by bit.

You don't love me.

Treated like an animal, thrown for meat.

You don't love me.

A heart as cold as the free flowing river.

You don't love me.

They hurt me.

You stood there.

They broke me.

You turned your back.

You don't love me.

All the pain they caused me, they left me empty.

And you still don't love me.

I realise now.

The pain in my heart and the hurt in my stomach is not their fault.

You don't love me.

Will you ever?

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