The Misunderstood

A selection of skinny thoughts presented in black dots on a piece of paper?


14. Writing

There is nothing better than the feeling I get when it's just me, a pen and paper. Once I set my mind on a subject there is no stopping. The words just flow out like an uncontrollable river, there are a few rough crashes, those being writers block but then there are those perfect moments when everything is just easy and simple and everything goes right; when those moments come along it is truly magical. The things your mind can come up with are remarkable. I never thought you could look so deep into a subject, heck even just a single word and discover that they can have a thousand meanings that are unseen to everyone. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that, when I am writing a piece it can be about anything, there comes a point where something clicks inside me and I just can't stop writing. I love to see how my mind works; I just let the pen flow and don't really think about anything except getting the words down on paper.

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