The Misunderstood

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  • Published: 20 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 12 Jul 2018
  • Status: Complete
my mind, heart and soul.
my understanding of love and life.
take it as you please.

- tay haider


6. Taking It In

The calories they fill me.

The carbs they heal me.

I'm breathing out the poison in which you deal me.

This isn't no love story, no I won't give you that.

This is the truth, there's no going back.

I'm not going to sit and rack my brains, thinking of ways to make this rhyme.

Time is precious, I'm not wasting mine.

I'm avoiding tradition, doing this my way.

It's time to stand on my own two feet.

The words that fill me are enough to kill me.

So I drown my sorrows and fill the hole that you created.

This is all jumbled and I'm a mess.

I needed you to guide me but then you left.

Going my own way didn't work out, this poem rhymes, you think I'm crazy no doubt.

It's time to take in the poison, the toxic that kills me.

And drown my sorrows as the drink it heals me.

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