The Misunderstood

A selection of skinny thoughts presented in black dots on a piece of paper?


45. Silver Car

I watch the car cruise down the street at moderate speed, it's silver hard exterior proud like amour, I watch it drive so smoothly and I wish so badly I was underneath it. That would end the pain I feel in my chest, that would stop the thoughts of you running through my mind. I can't really blame this all on you because I haven't been well for a long time now but I was on the edge and you gave me the final push that sent me over. You were my chance to make things better, with a hand to help you could have made my world but now look where we are.. You're not even effected while I am hanging on to the last bit of sanity I possess in this god for saken body of mine. They say that the body is a temple; mine is hell. Anyone that dares to get close and see me for who I am runs for their lives, I cant blame them really they are the clever ones. The silver car has passed now, another opportunity missed. I guess I saved the poor old man the fright of seeing my ugly unconscious body lay in front of his car, wouldn't want to upset anyone else now would I?

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