The Misunderstood

A selection of skinny thoughts presented in black dots on a piece of paper?


71. Love

Love is a funny concept, a lot like air. You need air to survive, a lot like you need love. But love can be vicious, painful but also beautiful and mesmerising when in the right hands. For me those hands are yours, I'm just praying you turn this necessity in life into something beautiful, please don't misuse it and ruin the love we have. I don't think I could survive without your dose of it. Some may say I sound like a druggy but they don't realise the high I get from being on your love. It's better than any processed pill in the hands of a tea leaf, daylight robbery; money for a high you can achieve out of the finer things in life. But is love really fine? I believe it's loud, vibrant, bold, demanding.. Your love is demanding as it deserves attention, I promise to give it my full attention. So please don't take the love from my heart and the air from my lungs.

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