The Misunderstood

A selection of skinny thoughts presented in black dots on a piece of paper?


58. Kiss of Death

Because the truth is if we were to kiss, that would be the end of one of us. What a sweet end to a sweet life.. Your lips they have me in a trance, they're a drug and I'm the addict - one small overdose, please? I may not be able to pull myself away but that's okay, every druggy dies eventually; my death will just be one of the heavenly kind. However, I could steal your breath, you say I do each time I smile so let me smile against your lips and steal your breath away. I promise to return it but it may be poisoned from my toxic lungs.. You'll be okay though, your sweet little body will survive - your untouched health could fight anything, that's the difference between you and I, you are the fighter and I have no fights left. So excuse me for asking this dear, but please let me take your breath away?

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