The Misunderstood

A selection of skinny thoughts presented in black dots on a piece of paper?


81. For Her

This is for the next girl that wins his heart, the heart I once held in my hands so delicately with fear of breaking it. I'm here to help you make sure you don't make the same mistakes I did, so you can make him the happiest he could possibly be because seeing that smile on his face is worth more than anything in the world. Take a moment to study his face from every angle, I can promise each is more beautiful in it's own way... I particularly like him from the side when he is concentrating on something and his lips press tightly in a flat line, his eyebrows furrow slightly masking the beauty of those ocean blue eyes that seem to light up like a thousand diamonds when he speaks of the things he's passionate about like cars and his nieces. And never try to outsmart him because you'll never succeed, he is a lot smarter than he thinks. Always take a second to see the way he gains just that bit more confidence in himself whenever he tells you of something you didn't know, I can promise it'll make you fall for him even more. He is very old fashioned and an old man when it comes to intimacy so don't push his limits, admire the respect he has for women you don't see that around a lot anymore and it should be cherished. As loving and giving as he is, he needs to be taken care of too. Rest his head on your tummy and run your fingers through his hair, trace your fingers over his sides (he likes that best). When he gets mad just give him time and he will calm down, he just needs time to think and get his head together... he'll always make it right in the end. He is very protective, don't misuse that kind of love in him by purposely making him jealous, it'll just upset him and he'll suffer silently because he struggles to get his words out and when he does he tends to muddle them up a little; so be patient with him and try to be understanding he may say things that come out wrong but that's not his intentions at all. When he's mad he will also say things if you push him and they can be hurtful but be assured, they hurt him more than they hurt you after the rage has passed. He may seem confident and brave but he lacks self esteem at times, be aware when he is feeling like this and tell him how you love every single thing about him and that you wouldn't change him for the world. He will love you more than life itself, don't take that for granted because the love he has to give is rare and once you've lost it you will wish you did everything to keep it. He will make you so so proud, and so you should be because he is gold and you're the lucky winner.

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