The Misunderstood

A selection of skinny thoughts presented in black dots on a piece of paper?


11. Fire Pt.2

At the first glance, the first flicker, that catches your eye. It is fierce, vicious, and dangerous. But, once you get past that initial thought, once you look deeper into the flames; you realize how truly mesmerizing it is. How the electric blue flames blend and become one with the vibrant orange. How they stand up on end, all different heights. How they move in an almost silk like action. Their beauty consumes your thoughts. But, they are sly, they have you almost hypnotized, believing they are a source of beauty, comeliness, simplicity. They fool you. Once you get close, once you confront the wild, flamboyant flames - their intense heat burns like boiling water to bare skin. They repel you. They have their armor of heat surrounding them, denying anyone that dares to enter. Anyone that dares to touch the silk like flames that stand tall like soldiers, brave and mighty. They cause damage; long term damage. Damage that can scar for the rest of your life. But how could something so beautiful, so magnificent, be so cruel? So hurtful?

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