The Misunderstood

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  • Published: 20 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 12 Jul 2018
  • Status: Complete
my mind, heart and soul.
my understanding of love and life.
take it as you please.

- tay haider


67. Chains

And it seems to me I'll never be free from your chains, the chains that haunt me day and night - keeping me grounded to the fact that you're gone and you're not coming back. Some days it's as if everything is right in the world and life just works then suddenly you pull me back to reality with those chains that have burnt my wrists and ankles from fighting so hard to get away. It's no use, you locked them and threw away the key; now I have no hope. I'm chained to you for life, your memory will forever cloud my mind, if only I hadn't seen you lay in that hospital bed.. Your lips so grey, your skin so pale and cold. I had never seen a dead body before but I didn't expect that.. It wasn't my grandad laying in that bed, it's not my granddad buried six feet under soil.. My grandad was strong, a fighter, my hero

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