violet potter and the sorceress stone

Harry Potter is originally an only child, but what if he had an older sister? Violet Potter became a foster child to America when her parents died, still growing up in the ways of a wizard, and is 3 years older than Harry, and in her fourth year at Hogwarts. She also is a Gryffindor, and knows that she's Harry's sister, but Harry doesn't know. The story is told just like Harry potter, but instead follows mainly violet.


1. The boy who lived

I was there the night that Voldemort came and killed my parents. My parents didn't suspect anything, but at the same time, when they saw him coming, they pushed me into the attic. I was only 3, and I didn't understand what was happening, but I knew something. Mum left me alone and said she loved me, before screaming. Dumbledore came and got me out of that attic. He was also carrying my brother Harry. 

But, there was only one problem. Who was I going to live with?

I couldn't live with the dursley's. Dumbledore knew they'd barely take in Harry. So, he took me to america, to live with a family there. 

I was only 3. I barely knew how to talk. But I have a very good memory, so I knew that I wasn't a Jefferson, but a Potter. Violet Potter to be exact. 

I had my Mom's long red hair, which I grew out to my waist. But, I also had my Dad's big brown eyes. I also had mom's good vision, which meant I didn't need glasses. 

My adopted parents told me I was a wizard, since they were wizards themselves, and told me who I was, and who my brother was. I've never seen him, met him, or talked to him. I've seen pictures of him when he was a baby, and have a few memories of him when he was a boy. 

The owl appearing on our window wasn't the biggest surprise on the summer after my 11th birthday. I remember that I was so nervous. I had this huge knot in my stomach. I almost got lost, but a second year, with flaming red hair and deep green eyes helped me find my way back to the group. 

I now know who he is, but all I remember is feeling lost on my first day. 

I was sorted into gryffindor. I was so happy when I was too. 

I sat by the second year. He was so nice. I asked some people about him, and they said he was headed for prefect easily, having all of his older brothers be the same way.  They also said he was a snob. He was proud. I didn't agree. I thought he was nice, and kind. I didn't see what they saw. 

My first year of Hogwarts was one of the hardest ones so far. I had to adapt to new changes, new friends, new classes. 

But I survived, and I thought that Hogwarts was just like school, until now.

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