violet potter and the sorceress stone

Harry Potter is originally an only child, but what if he had an older sister? Violet Potter became a foster child to America when her parents died, still growing up in the ways of a wizard, and is 3 years older than Harry, and in her fourth year at Hogwarts. She also is a Gryffindor, and knows that she's Harry's sister, but Harry doesn't know. The story is told just like Harry potter, but instead follows mainly violet.


4. Ron Weasly

He sits as far away from me at breakfast the next morning. I wish I hadn't said it that way. I want to cry, but I want to scream also. I don't know what I'm feeling right now.

I overhear what Harry, and another girl I don't recognize are saying. 

"Harry this is great! You finally now can learn more about your family!"

says the girl. 

"Hermione, you don't see? Ron knew this whole time. We've known each other for a month, and so far he's shown he can easily lie to me."

Says Harry. 

I feel needles poking at my throat, but when I try to touch my neck, there's nothing there. 

"Harry, it wasn't Ron's fault he couldn't tell you! He was sworn to secrecy, and your blaming him for it!"

Says Hermione

"Also, wouldn't you rather your sister told you, than your mate?"

asks Hermione

"Don't call her my sister."

says Harry. 

My heart turns cold. I want to cry, or scream, or run away, but I don't I stay here. 

Harry walks away, luckily he walks the opposite way I do, and Hermione follows him. 

During lunch, I meet up with Percy. I'm glad that nobody came with him. 

"Ron tells me Harry and him got into a row, I hope it's not too serious."

says Percy, walking to where we meet up. 

"It's pretty bad."

I say. 

"How do you know?"

he asks. 

"I told Harry, and when he found out Ron had kept the secret from him, he wasn't too happy"

I reply

"And he was talking with another one of his friends, and now, he's not the slightest bit happy. He told the girl to not call me his... his ... his"

I say, but don't have time to say anything, until I am crying hysterically. 

Percy puts his comforting arms around me. 

"Don't worry. He's just shocked about it. He'll come around."

says Percy. 

"And even if he denies it now, he'll be glad you were there later."

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