violet potter and the sorceress stone

Harry Potter is originally an only child, but what if he had an older sister? Violet Potter became a foster child to America when her parents died, still growing up in the ways of a wizard, and is 3 years older than Harry, and in her fourth year at Hogwarts. She also is a Gryffindor, and knows that she's Harry's sister, but Harry doesn't know. The story is told just like Harry potter, but instead follows mainly violet.


3. charms homework

It's been about a month since schools started. I still hadn't told Harry. Dumbledore said I should tell him, but he also said he'd tell Harry if I didn't tell him soon, so I am fighting with myself over it one night, when he comes up to me. 

"Um...violet...Ron told me you were good at charms,I was wondering of you could help me with some homework I have."

He asks shyly.

"Sure, what's the homework?"

I ask

"Sleeping charm, were supposed to be able to make a living being sleep." 

He holds out a small rat. I recognize it as Scabbers. 

"It's not that difficult. Just try to pronounce clear. Obscuro!"

I shout, and within seconds, the large rat lies on its side, fast asleep.


Harry says 

"close, but try to pronounce the 'O' more."

I say

"alright... Obcuro!"

he shouts, making the now very awake and scared rat, tumble onto the floor. 

"Nicely done"

I say. 

"Anything else I can help you with?"

I ask

"Umm... no, I don't believe so. Thank you Violet."

He says, and starts to walk away. I think of the time, how it's in the common room, nobody's here, not even Ron, or Percy, i'm done with my homework, why not tell him? 

"Umm... Harry?"

I say.


He says, turning his head my direction. 

"I was just curious, do you remember anything about the night that you-know-who came to your house?"

I ask. 

"No, I don't . But I will always remember one thing, a girl, hiding in our attic. That sounds crazy, doesn't it."

he says. 

"It would, umm... but there is something I need to say."

I say shyly. 

"Umm... that 'girl' you saw hide in your attic. Was me."

i say, noticing he's looking at me like I'm some sort of crazy person. 

"How were you in my house? I didn't even know you then?"

he asks. 

"Well... I guess that I should have told you this earlier. I'm no Jefferson."

I say. 

"Who are you than?"

he asks. 

"Violet Potter."

I say. 

"That's my real name."

he stands there in shock. His jaw dropped. 

"So.. your my.. I'm your... what?"

he says. 

"I'm your sister."

I somehow manage to say. 

We stand in silence for a couple of minutes. I try to say something, but he runs up to his room. I'd follow him, if I wasn't a girl. 

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