Things Change

My name is Amanda, and I am finally going back to school after a long summer. The only thing I am scared of is seeing Luke Hemmings again. Luke has been mean to me since I first came here, but there is nothing I can do about it.


13. Chapter 9

My heart stopped when I saw who was behind the door. It was my best friend, Calum. I haven't seen him in over five years. As soon as I knew it was Calum, I hugged him very tight, not wanting to let go. After a few minutes I pulled away, smiling.

Luke must have noticed that I was gone for a while because he walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. "Calum? What are you doing here?" Luke asked. "You know Calum?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's the bassist in our band and one of my best mates" Luke said looking down at me. "How do you know Calum?" Luke asked me. "We were best friends when we were younger, but then he moved away and I'd thought I would never see him again, but here he is." I said.

"How did you find out where I live?" "Ashton told me, and I honestly didn't know that we all knew each other or else I would have found you sooner." Calum said.

Luke walked back inside my house and I grabbed Calum's hand and led him to the couch. "So we seriously need to catch up" I said as the doorbell rang a couple of times. "I'll get it" Luke said walking to the door.

As Calum and I started asking each other questions, Luke closed the door and walked back with the pizza in his hands. He set the pizza on the table in my living room. We all took a slice as we caught up with each other's lives.

After a while I got a bit tired, so I told Luke and Calum that I was gonna take a shower before I go to sleep. I walked up the stairs to get a change of clothes, then I went to take a shower.

By the time I finished I walked downstairs to find Luke by himself, on his phone. "Did Calum leave?" I asked as I took a seat next to Luke. Luke nodded then put his arm around me and brought me closer to him.

"Do you wanna go to sleep already?" Luke asked as I was trying to keep my eyes open. "Yes, I am very tired." I said as I let out a little yawn.

Luke picked me up and carried me to bed, before slipping under the covers himself.

*The next morning*

When I woke up I slowly got out of Luke's grip and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. I made waffles, bacon, and toast. I poured myself a glass of orange juice, and I heard footsteps on the stairs. I put the orange juice back in the fridge, and when I turned around I saw a sleepy Luke at the bottom of the stairs.

He rubbed his eyes, a yawn escaping his mouth. He slowly walked toward me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Good morning" Luke said in his raspy morning voice. "Good morning, I made some breakfast help yourself" I said as I took a seat at the table.

Luke grabbed a plate, served himself, then took a seat next to me. "I think we should drop out of school" I said randomly. "I want to drop out of school also, but how?" He said taking a bite out of his toast.

"I don't know, maybe we can just stop going?" "They'll find us, and we could get arrested" Luke looked at me with a worried look on his face.

"I'll think of something, then we can leave that hellhole" I said, which made Luke start laughing.

As soon as I finished eating, I walked back upstairs to my room to get ready for school. Today was Friday and after school I had a date with Luke.

I picked out an outfit and threw on my white converse, I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs. When I got to the living room I saw that Luke was still in his pajamas.

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