Things Change

My name is Amanda, and I am finally going back to school after a long summer. The only thing I am scared of is seeing Luke Hemmings again. Luke has been mean to me since I first came here, but there is nothing I can do about it.


9. Chapter 6

*After school*

I was walking to my locker, when someone ran up behind me. "Do you need a ride home?" I recognised the voice instantly, it was Luke. "Yes please." I said smiling uncontrollably.

I quickly put my books in my locker, then followed Luke to his car. When we got outside, I felt the cool, autumn breeze against my skin.

We walked to Luke's car and he opened the passenger door for me, then he ran to the driver's side to get in.

He started the car, and began driving. After a while I noticed that we had passed my house.

"Uhm...Luke?" I said staring out the window. "Yes?" He replied tightening his grip on the steering wheel.

"You just passed my house." I said, now looking at him. "I know." He said focused on the road. "Where are we going then?" I asked, a little scared.

"It's a surprise." He said with a smirk. Since he won't tell me where we are going, I just sat back, looked out the window and tried to enjoy the ride.

After about ten minutes, we arrived at a zoo. "Why are we at the zoo?" I asked, still a little mad at him.

"I wanted to show you my favourite animal." He said excited about being here. "Okay." I said smiling because he was so happy.

"I really hope you like them as much as I do." He said taking my hand and leading me to the penguins. "Your favourite animal is a penguin?" I asked looking up at him.

"Yep." He said as we sat down on a bench in front of the enclosure. "They are so cute" I said while resting my head on Luke's shoulder.

He put his arm around me, as we watched the penguins swim and play in the water.

We were at the zoo for probably about an hour or two, and it was amazing. We saw giraffes, zebras, lions, and a lot of other exotic animals.

After we finished seeing all the animals, Luke took me to the gift shop. I looked around and saw animal hats and backpacks hanging on the walls.

I saw a penguin beanie, and I wanted to buy it for my date Friday. So while Luke was still looking around I bought the beanie, then put it in my purse to hide it from him.

"Are you ready to go?" Luke asked me. "Yeah." I said, playing with the zippers on my purse.

"Okay let me just pay for this, then we can go" He said motioning to the penguin pillow pet he had in his hand.

As he went to the register, I pulled out my phone and saw that I had a few text messages. I quickly replied to them and put my phone back in my purse.

Luke was now walking back to where I was standing, a bag containing the pillow pet in his hand. "Okay, let's go." He said holding the gift shop door open for me.

I stepped outside, walking to Luke's car. Luke came beside me, intertwining our hands as we walked. I could feel myself blushing.

We got to Luke's car and got in, putting our seat belts on. "That was fun." I said smiling at Luke. "Well I'm glad you enjoyed it." Luke said as he started the car.

We were listening to the radio, and an unfamiliar song came on. "OH MY GOSH!" Luke yelled looking at the radio. "What?!" I asked, scared because he was yelling.

"This is one of our songs!!!" He said, pulling into a nearby gas station. "Really?" I asked, now excited. "Yes!" He said as he pulled out his phone. "I have to text Michael, Ashton, and Calum!"

After he texted them, he turned up the radio and started singing.

'You look so perfect standing there in my American apparel underwear. And I know now that I'm so down. Your lipstick stain is a work of art. I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart. And I know now that I'm so down'

As we were listening to the song, I was paying attention to the drumming. "Who plays the drums?" I asked Luke. "Ashton" he said, continuing to sing.

'Ashton plays drums? How come he has never told me?' As the song finished, those thoughts were still circling in my head.

"So......what do you think?" Luke asked me. "I'm sorry, what?" I asked snapping out of my daze. "Our song, do you like it?"

"Oh, yeah it was amazing. Who was the one that was singing most of the song?" I asked already knowing who it was going to be.

"That would be yours truly" he said trying to hold in his laugh. "Wow, I didn't know you could sing so well" I said, as Luke started turning red.

"Thanks, but I think that I sing horribly" Luke said starting to pull out of the gas station. "If you sang horribly, you wouldn't be on the radio." I said.

"You're probably right" Luke said, loosening his grip on the wheel a little. As he said that, we got to the street where my house is.

We drove down the street, and after a while we got to my house. Luke parked the car, got out and ran to the side I was on. I smiled to myself.

He opened the car door for me, he took my hand as I got out. He closed the door behind me, sliding his hand around my waist as we walked to my door.

I reached in my purse and grabbed my keys, unlocking the door. I opened the door and led Luke inside, he sat on the couch and I went upstairs to go change.

I figured that Luke would stay the night so I went downstairs and looked at Luke "I'll be right back" "Ok" I heard him say before I walked out the door.

I walked next door to Ashton's house, his room is on the first floor so I went through the window. It was dark in his room, then suddenly the light came on and he was running at me with a bat.

"Wait! Wait! It's just me, Ashton!" I said covering my head with my hands. "Amanda? What are you doing here?" He asked, putting the bat down.

"I was wondering if I could borrow some of your clothes" I said. He looked at me confused. "Okay. What do you need?" He said slowly. "Just a t shirt and shorts" I said. He looked through his drawers and pulled some clothes out, throwing them to me.

"Thanks. I'll wash and give them back to you." I said, starting to crawl out the window. I walked back to my house and saw Luke lying on the couch, watching TV.

I threw the clothes on his face, and he got scared and fell off the couch. He got back up quickly and tuned to face me. "Why did you get scared?" I asked laughing. "I didn't hear you come in." He said still breathing fast.

"What are the clothes for?" He asked as I sat on the couch. "They are for you" I said. "Where is your restroom?" He asked. "Second door to your left" I said, pointing down the hallway.

Authors note

I know it's late but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thank you all so much for reading this, and for telling me to update. It makes me want to write more. I'm so sorry for not updating sooner, but I have been busy and the wifi that I have is horrible. Also I want to pick someone to be my best friend. If you are interested please kik me: _amandaahxx

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