Things Change

My name is Amanda, and I am finally going back to school after a long summer. The only thing I am scared of is seeing Luke Hemmings again. Luke has been mean to me since I first came here, but there is nothing I can do about it.


2. Chapter 1

*6:00 A.M.*

Time for school, today is my first day of school, after an amazing summer. I am so excited to see all my friends again, it seems like I haven't seen them in forever. The only person I don't want to see is Luke Hemmings. Luke has been mean to me for as long as I can remember, he beats me up almost everyday. That's why I like the summer so much because I don't have to see him or go through the pain for a few months.

After I woke up I took a shower and then straightened my hair and put on a tshirt, black skinny jeans, and black vans. I made my way downstairs and made pancakes. After I finished my breakfast I walked to the bus stop, which was only a few blocks from my house.

As soon as I got to the bus stop, some one tapped my shoulder. I turned around and saw Luke. "Hey, nice to see you back again." "Get away from me Luke!" I started walking away, but he quickly caught up to me. He grabbed me by my waist and threw me on the ground, he then started to kick me. I winced in pain, and he walked off like nothing happened.

Ashton came running to me. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine." If you are wondering how I know Ashton, he has been my best friend for a long time, he helps me get through the pain that Luke puts me through. He also lives right next door to me and he was my first friend when I moved here.

The bus finally came and as I was going to my seat, Luke tripped me. I stumbled a little but I kept walking. Me and Ashton sat together, as usual.

*skip bus ride*

When we got to school I got my schedule, and headed to my first class, English. I have never liked English, I mean like I can speak and read English, so why do I need to know about all the other stuff?

I got in the class and sat in the back, and then I saw that Luke had the same class. 'Wow, what a nice way to start the year' I thought to myself. Luke came to where I was sitting and knocked everything off my desk. "Oops, sorry" he said with a smirk, everyone started laughing. I picked up my things and ran to the restroom. I pulled out my phone and texted Ashton.

A: Can you take me home?

Ash: Why?

A: It hasn't even been ten minutes into the school year and Luke is already being mean to me, and I don't want to stay here so can you take me home?

Ash: Ok, meet me in front of the school.

A: Be there in a few.

I got up from the restroom floor and rushed outside of the school. As I got outside, I saw Ashton waiting for me. "Are you okay?" "Yeah."

The whole time we were walking Ashton was telling me jokes, trying to make me laugh. Eventually I gave in, laughing at the lame jokes he was telling.

Ashton's POV

As we were walking I was telling Amanda jokes to try and cheer her up. They were really stupid jokes but she still laughed, probably because of how dumb they were. I don't understand why anyone would be mean to Amanda, I mean she is really pretty and she has never done anything bad to anyone. After a few minutes we finally got to Amanda's house.

She turned to me and asked "Do you want to come inside?" "Uhm...... sure" She unlocked the door and led me into the living room. Her house was so big, especially for just one person. She lost her parents three years ago in a car accident, so now she lives by herself. As I sat on the couch, Amanda went into another room. She came back with movies and popcorn.

Amanda's POV

When we got to my house, I unlocked the door and led Ashton to my living room. As he sat on the couch I went to the kitchen and popped some popcorn, then I went to my room to get some movies because I knew he couldn't go back to house, his parents would get mad because he skipped school.

I went back to the living room with the popcorn and movies. "Thanks for letting me stay here until school is over" Ashton said. "No problem" I replied. I gave him the popcorn bowl as I put a movie in the DVD player.

The movie I picked was Finding Nemo, an hour into the movie, someone knocked on the door. I got up and opened the door, and I saw Luke standing there looking at the ground. "Why are you here?" I asked shakily. "I just wanted to apologise for everything I have done to you, I have done bad things in the past, but I wanted you to know that I have changed." He replied.

Ashton then came to the door "What are you doing here Hemmings? Amanda let me talk to Luke..........alone." I then walked back to the couch and after about ten minutes Ashton came back inside with Luke following him.

"Is it okay if I stay and watch movies?" Luke asked me. I looked at Ashton for reassurance, he then nodded and I said "I guess" He plopped himself down on one of the other couches. After watching movies all afternoon I fell asleep.

Ashton's POV

After a couple more movies Amanda fell asleep. It was getting late so Luke and I decided to head home, but before we left Luke carried Amanda to her room. We then walked out of the house quietly so we wouldn't wake her up.

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