With you

Aston Cullen's life was boring before he met Cora Blake, beautiful,crazy and reckless girl.


1. meet Cora

Aston Cullen

when she walked at the hall way girls looked her with jealously and hate and guys admired her beauty and how she walked like model in the spotlight. she had long black/brown hair what was curly and long as it hung wildly on her back and she had the most darkest and big brown  eyes and when she wanted something she would just look like innocent little kid and you would get lost in her brown eyes. she was curvy and loved food but she wasn't fat,not even close. she smiled a lot with that breath taking smile what showed her dimple on her left cheek, she wasn't so girly girl always. she didn't turn her voice to cute when she talked to guys she talked casually not trying to be more than she was. she didn't pull that " i can't catch the ball cause it could ruin my manicure." act in gym class. she was perfect.


"look at her she had just gotten prettier, how could that even be possible? she looks like woman. gosh." Thomas said as we stepped in to school the summer holiday and i would see Cora after long time. she didn't spend her summer at town so i didn't see her at hole summer. "she isn't even pretty,and i though that you guys would finally stop talking about her like she is the Queen,i wish she would have changed the schools." Sally groaned. we just rolled eyes to her. she was always talking bad about Cora,Sally hated her with all she had but no one knew why. "look Aston, there she is." Sam said poking my arm and pointing to group of girls who i recognized to be her gang and for the who know how many times i was blinded by her. it wasn't only the beauty. it was something else too. of course she looked even more prettier wearing tank top and mini shorts showing her curves perfectly and her tanned skin. she talked with her friends and i stared her while my friends talked together. "omg,guys i heard Cora would be in our all classes in this year." Sammy said as he run to us. "what?" Thomas and Will asked. "no!" Sally cried. "shut up Sally." Thomas said.i was the quiet one of our group. i never really said anything maybe i laugh at their jokes but i really didn't do anything else. "i will go to class."i said. "Okay, we will come later." Thomas said while talking. i made my way to class when i  bumped on to someone and her books were all over the floor. "i'm sorry." i said leaning down helping the one i had just bumped.  i took notebook at the floor when i noticed at the cover read "Cora." with cold letters. and  i froze. "there." i said giving the notebook to her and she lift her head and looked me. "Oh thanks,it wasn't your fault i'm always clumsy." she said.standing up as i did the same. "i'm clumsy too." i said mentally hitting my self for being such  looser. she gave me smile and said. "well that makes two of us." she said. "i'm Cora by the way." she said. "Aston." i said. "well i better get going now, see you around Aston." she smiled to me. as i walked into class i was on cloud nine 'cause Cora just talked to me and finally noticed me. i was late and the all seats were taken as i looked around to find seat. "you are late,Aston, please pick a seat." Our teacher said. "uumm." i said looking around. i saw seat next to Sally and walked over her. "no, you cant sit there. its taken." she said rudely. "but its empty." i said. "it's taken." she said between her teeth. "Sally don't be so mean,you can sit next to me cutie." Cora spoke at few rows from Sally. "oh you can sit there. its not taken anymore." Sally said. moving the chair. "no thanks." i said walking to empty seat next to Cora. 

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