My Life

This story is all about my life. I am a popular kid at school, but guess what its pretty hard. I am kind of a class pet too but managing this is really stressing me out, I just can't take it much longer. Anyway I'm struggling getting my head round the whole popular kid stuff; but I know you may of already guessed I'm a stressed and emotional young girl looking for my place in this huge world. This is my life!


1. summer holiday .

Well where shall I start? This has been a successful summer.(well so far it has). So this summer I've been to a lot of places like Europe and just some really nice hotels in my home town, America. I live sort of by Florida so we've been to some of the awesome theme parks. Sometimes I went with my parents and sometimes my boyfriend. He takes me to loads of awesome places like the water parks, hotels and a lot of other cool places. Any way I'll get back to my family events. So we've been to a lot of places  and had lots of fun so that's just about enough for the summer for me. Yet still my mom insists that we go on another family outing. I told my mom I didn't want to go but she still drags me out of bed to tag along behind them as bored as a bookshelf. I trampled out of bed, tore of my pj's and got dressed motionlessly. I then stumbled into the bathroom to brush my teeth and put on make-up when I realised I had a date with my boyfriend! I squealed as I shot down the stairs like a bullet. I started speaking really fast in a puzzled way at my mom. I started crying, mascarary tears running down my face. That moment I wished I was a bear so I could hibernate and never be seen for the next 6 months. But no that was not possible, I pulled myself together and re-did my make-up and put on an extremely glitzy outfit. My mom excepted my apology and let me go on my date. I promised her I'd make it up to her so she drove me to the nearest café where I met Alfie. I had just found out he had transferred schools and he was in my classes. ALL OF THEM! I squealed inside my head as if I was just told my boyfriend had moved to my school. Oh he already has! :)       

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