My Life

This story is all about my life. I am a popular kid at school, but guess what its pretty hard. I am kind of a class pet too but managing this is really stressing me out, I just can't take it much longer. Anyway I'm struggling getting my head round the whole popular kid stuff; but I know you may of already guessed I'm a stressed and emotional young girl looking for my place in this huge world. This is my life!


2. school life .

I'm so excited! It's my first day back at school and I'm meeting my boyfriend at the front gates. I just saw him getting out the car and he's now walking towards me. EEEHHH! We walk into school holding hands and once we got to lesson I kissed him before we went into class and everybody saw. My love life happens inside and outside of school. I just want to run away with him and be alone together in a nice hotel with a pool outside in the hot weather and just sit together all day. Any way getting back to the whole "I'm at school" thing. I walked into my new year 11 geography room and we got to sit by anybody so I sat by Alfie. Alfie is really good at geography and I'm not so I kind of asked him to help me with most of the work. Every girl I know has asked Alfie out today but he said no each time and he even said he's been with his girlfriend for 5 years, which is true. I invited Alfie over, to sleep and we are only 16. My  mom went mental when I told her that Alfie was staying over. Alfie said he would go to make my family happy but as my mom knew he looked after me well she let him stay. We both got un-dressed and got into my super king sized bed while I set my alarm clock. 5:30 am and my alarm goes off we rolled out of bed and got dressed. I went to brush my teeth and go and get my morning cuppa when I wondered where Alfie was I called him and he was in my room with a cup of tea and two chocolate digestive biscuits. We stepped out of the door in the morning mist and started walking to school. We arrived at the school gates and everybody were staring at us because we  were holding hands and trust me only cute couples do that! Once again back to the school stuff. We arrived 3 minutes late to math class and miss mc carthy wasn't to happy about that! We lugged our bags around school all day moving from lesson to lesson and  we sat next to each other in every lesson and we held hands all around school. That's when the spark hit me! We were a "made to be couple" this excited me. I told Alfie how I felt and he understood what I meant. Once we got home I explained to Alfie which was...

the time is right so once we've passed our GCSE's we will move out and in together. My mom thought that was a great idea so we started looking at cheap flat apartments.

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