My Life

This story is all about my life. I am a popular kid at school, but guess what its pretty hard. I am kind of a class pet too but managing this is really stressing me out, I just can't take it much longer. Anyway I'm struggling getting my head round the whole popular kid stuff; but I know you may of already guessed I'm a stressed and emotional young girl looking for my place in this huge world. This is my life!


3. GCSE's

I'm now in year 11 and I am doing my GCSE's. This is kind of exciting that I have passed my English, math and science exams, I got a*'s  for the core subjects. I want to be a vet and I have been excepted for a place in uni . Also some more good news is that I've found an apartment for me and Alfie to move into  and yes you guessed it we're still together. This is still a serious time for me and Alfie as we have exams but when we are at mine we try and relax as much as possible to keep the stress levels down.


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