Recreating a Zodiac Key

After losing one of her beloved celestial spirits, Lucy is heartbroken. Everyone's tried to comfort her, but still she wallows in misery. Loki tells Natsu of a way to recreate the key, and Natsu goes into the realm with Loki. Will Lucy get her spirit back? Will Natsu return quickly? Or will the spirit and Natsu remain trapped?


2. The Celestial King's Request

          Leo led Natsu into the Celestial Spirit Realm. As soon as the portal sealed, Natsu roared, "Celestial King!!!!!! Freeze time here for me!!!! I came to help Lucy get happier!!!! I came to bring her a gift for my birthday!!! Answer me!!!!!"

          "Is this the Fire Dragonslayer mage that's in the same guild as our old friend," the King asked, appearing before Natsu and Leo.

          "Yes, Your Majesty. This is he," Leo answered honestly.

          "Why would you do something for someone on your birthday, Dragon slayer?"

         Natsu's cheeks immediately turned red, redder than his guild mark on his shoulder. After defeating Tartarus, Natsu had adopted the clothing he wore, except the white in the outfit became flaming swirls that moved due to an up and coming mage in Fairy Tail. "I do this out of love. Also, she misses the spirit that was given to her by her mother, and Leo told me I can recreate that spirit's key. I won't leave until I accomplish this goal, and I would rather have her not notice that I'm gone at all, or that I came here. May you honor my request?"

        Taken aback by what he said, both the King and Leo conversed in whispers, perplexed when Natsu sits and waits. Despite both of their personal feelings about Natsu being here, they came to a consensus that Natsu must pass the Trials of the Zodiac in order to get the key. However, Natsu must do it in three days, facing four spirits each day.

        They told Natsu the conditions, and he agreed wholeheartedly. Natsu said, "Do understand that the spirit I need must agree as well. Otherwise, I must go back."

        The King and Leo were dumbfounded that Natsu wanted the spirit to agree, but honored his request. Natsu was taken to lodging by Virgo while Leo went to converse with the Waterbearer spirit, Aquarius.

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