Recreating a Zodiac Key

After losing one of her beloved celestial spirits, Lucy is heartbroken. Everyone's tried to comfort her, but still she wallows in misery. Loki tells Natsu of a way to recreate the key, and Natsu goes into the realm with Loki. Will Lucy get her spirit back? Will Natsu return quickly? Or will the spirit and Natsu remain trapped?


3. Natsu's Disappearance

          "Natsu!!!! Where are you," Lucy screamed in fear of what could've happened to him. Happy was also with her, as well as Grey, Ezra, Wendy, Juvia, Gajeel, Pantherlily, and Charlie. Even though she was disheartened by losing Aquarius, she felt responsible for Natsu being sad on his birthday, the day he felt alone and came to the guild. Everyone was losing hope, and Gajeel roared, "SALAMANDER!!!! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU VANISH?! YOU'RE THE ONE THAT TOLD ME THE GUILD GROWS FROM SORROW!!!!! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!"

            Grey patted Gajeel's shoulder. "We'll find him. He can't just vanish, can he," he asked incredulously.

           "Of course not, but you do know that he was the best at hide and seek," Erza reminded him.

           "What would actually have him do this," Charlie asked, having premonitions unrelated to the matter at hand.

           "Lucy-chan, what did you tell him," Wendy asked softly, worried that she hit a nerve.

           "I told Natsu that Aquarius came from my mother," Lucy said weakly, crumpling to her knees.

           "Telling Natsu that probably made him want to reclaim your friend Aquarius," Pantherlily stated.

           "So, how would he accomplish something that large," Happy asked, going to comfort Lucy.

           "Simple. Salamander came to try and figure it out for himself. However, his scent went someplace smelling of Lucy."

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