Recreating a Zodiac Key

After losing one of her beloved celestial spirits, Lucy is heartbroken. Everyone's tried to comfort her, but still she wallows in misery. Loki tells Natsu of a way to recreate the key, and Natsu goes into the realm with Loki. Will Lucy get her spirit back? Will Natsu return quickly? Or will the spirit and Natsu remain trapped?


4. Laxus's Intervention

          "Like me? Oh no!! Open gate of the crab, Cancer," Lucy yelled, having her Celestial Spirit appear before them.

          "Whatcha need, ebi," Cancer asked.

          "I need you to take us to the spirit realm."

          "I'm afraid I can't, ebi."

          "Why not?"

          "The challenge your friend accepted, ebi. I'm going to give him a haircut, ebi."

          "What challenged?"

          "The Trials of the Zodiac, right, spirit," Laxus asked, with Freed, Bickslow, and Evergreen.

          "Yes, ebi."

          "Then we have to trust him and make sure he can do it. I'm guessing that time is frozen there?"

          "Yes, ebi."

          Lucy, Grey, Wendy, Gajeel, Erza, Juvia, Happy, Charlie, and Lily were dumbfounded. What exactly are the Trials of the Zodiac? How is Natsu going to do it alone? Lucy's eyes filled with tears as she screamed in frustration.

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