Stockholm Syndrome

I love him more than I love myself. I would do anything to have him notice me. Believe me when I say anything.


2. 1

  Today was the day. The day that Harry Styles would become mine and solely mine. I stepped into my skin tight black jeans and pulled a gray sweater over my head. It was more of a crop top than a sweater. I tousled my already messy beach waves and flipped my bangs out of my face. I also applied some more blush and mascara. Taking out my lipstick and lip gloss, I applied the soft pink substances to my lips. After giving myself one last look over in my full body mirror, I slipped on my 5 inch heels that matched my sweater. Just cause I was doing something very illegal didn't mean that I couldn't look good while doing it. If I got caught then I would at least want to look good for my mugshot. 
  Taking the keys to my Jeep off of the hook in the laundry room and grabbing my small purse, I walked out the door. Starting the car I sat for a second. Then, I pulled out of the garage. 
What if I did get caught? How long would I have to go to jail for? What would I tell my parents? 
Doubts started to run around my head. I quickly shook them away. If I doubted myself now, I wouldn't be able to pull this off without a snag. Driving slightly too fast down the highway my adrenaline was pumping and I have to admit; I was nervous as fuck. I had a plan and I knew what I was gonna do, but it was those kind of nerves you get right before you have to get up and present a speech in front of your class. 
  I almost missed the exit to get to the stadium because I was so caught up in my thoughts. There were so many people there already. I decided it was best to not get there early. All I would do is psych myself out and not go through with it. I looked around at all the little girls wearing their best outfits probably thinking they would be noticed by their favorite in the crowd of thousands. Little did they know that their beloved Harry was going to be stolen. They wouldn't dare think that a 18 year old girl would do it either. I parked in the parking garage and got out of my Jeep. Making my way towards the stadium, I looked around for any security that would stop me. Nothing too serious. Backstage is where I would have to be cautious. 
  I had front row seats. It was a lot of money, but it was going to be worth it. The stage was set and the nearest security guard was a few meters away. I pulled the fake backstage crew member pass out of my purse and walked up to him. I put on my best professional voice and stood up straighter. 
  "Excuse me, could you help me find where the backstage entrance is?" I asked the man. He looked at me apprehensively. "I'm Lou's niece. But I had some prior engagements so I couldn't come with her." 
  "Oh alright," the man said, "Just come with me." He got another guard to cover his post as he led me backstage. 
  "Alright, I think I can find my way from here. Thank you sir." I smiled politely and he nodded and turned to walk away. I rolled my eyes at his stupidity once he was gone. He really thought that I was Lou's niece. I sighed and started to walk down the wide hallway. My heels made a clicking sound and I found a dark room that looked like it hadn't been used. I walked in cautiously and found a mirror. I looked into it and couldn't make out my silhouette. That was a good thing. If I managed to stay in the shadows then I could pull this off. I stayed in the room until I heard the screams and music die down for the wardrobe change. I then decided to go exploring. I knew that almost everyone except for 5 Seconds Of Summer was up at the stage. I walked down the hall and it curved to the right. There were lots more rooms here. I heard more music coming from one of them. There was a small window, so out of curiosity I peeked in. Sure enough, the other boys were in there blasting their music and making Keek after Keek. I shook my head and giggled to myself. Boys will be boys. 
  I walked on until I found what was definitely the dressing room I was looking for. In some places it was overly organized and others overly messy. I smiled to myself and walked in. I tidied the messier portions of the room and sat on the couch in the middle of the room. The beat picked up again and screams were heard. I decided to get up closer to the stage. I cautiously made my was towards the familiar best of Little Black Dress and then stopped short. I could see lights even though the hallway was dark. I slipped off my heels and crept up behind a guard. He sensed my presence and looked behind him. Frozen stiff I stood holding my breath. He couldn't see me so he turned back around. I let my breath out quietly and dropped to my knees. I crawled around to his other side and got closer to the walkway leading to the stage. The lights couldn't reach back here so if I could just get halfway up the walkway and stand up, the guards would probably think I was just a crew member. 
  Getting as low as I could (good thing my hips were flexible) I crawled up the dark walkway. I then put my heels back on and stood up. I looked back at the guards and they paid me no mind. I smirked to myself and walked closer to the stage. Seeing that there were actual crew members running back and forth I decided to stay where I was. The show was almost over so I repeated the steps I took and went back to another empty room.

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