Bad Boyz

Luke & Izzys love story! ��



Ok so I got some good news and some bad news. Good news is that I have have it some thought after reading all my comments and...*Drumroll*..........IM MAKING A SEQUEL!!!

It's called "Life of a bad boy!" So look for that sometime today and the bad news is........ Well since I'm at school AND in in band AND Jazz Band AND my concert is coming up AND I have an audition for honors band this weekend, it's gonna be hard to find time to update :( 😭. All I know is I'll try an update soon. So ya that's my news! Also if u like my stories comment for more and if u don't well don't be afraid to tell me your real opinion! I wanna hear what u have to say! Also thank you for all the reads on this story! Also if u go on Wattpad, I have an account my name is I_luv_u_all I have a lot of books. I have one book that has 716 reads on there and grows more everyday! If u like Magcon boys I do those and I will soon start an Ashton story, a Michael story, a Calum story, and a Luke story. Hope you love it!!!!! Bye!!!!!!

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