Bad Boyz

Luke & Izzys love story! ��


9. 9

💕Izzy's POV💕

I got out of the hospital today. I got a text from a unknown number. Go to the janitors closet of you don't want anything bad to happen to Luke. I started crying reading that. Someone threaded to hurt Luke. I walked to the janitors closet in the closet and saw Luke's old friend Harry Styles.

Harry? I asked.

He quickly locked the door me pushed me on a desk. He tied my hands and ducktaped my mouth. He took off my clothes and started screwing me and what's worse...... He was recording me and him having sex. I felt violated as he put his phone on my crotch. I was crying and screaming through the tape. I felt so dirty as Harry took nudes of me all over his phone. He even sent one to all the 5sos and 1 direction boys. He texted the 5sos boys in an unknown number that he kidnapped me and he won't give me back. I was crying until he dressed me, threw me in a duffel bag, and threw me in his trunk. I felt so used up. I felt like I was betraying Luke. We finally got to our destination and I realized it was an abandoned cabin. It was far from the hospital and I cried harder as Harry threw me in a room and chained me to a bed. I felt like his girl toy. He undressed me again and took hundreds of more nudes of me. He showed me as he sent them to Luke and the boys. He even put it as his screensaver on his phone. He put them on his computer and starts screwing me hard and recorded it and sent that to the boys as well. He started fucking me till I could scream anymore. He laughed as I cried harder. I felt scared when I saw what was all around the bed I was tied to. It had a lot of painful looking sex toys in the room.

I'm gonna use all of them on you babygirl Harry whispered in my ear as he went looking for a toy to use on me.

Where are you Calum & Luke?

💚Calum's POV💚

The boys and I were waiting outside when we got a text from and unknown number saying he's got my sister, he was raping her, and he won't give her back. We all sat there crying. My poor sister was getting sexually abused. Luke looked the worst his face was red. We got another text which was nudes of my crying sister. I felt worse. There's nothing worse than seeing nudes of your sister being raped. I had to open my big mouth! We all got a video of her crying while getting raped by the guy. In the message it said. "She was crying for you guys. Where were u to protect her?' It saying making Luke cry harder and louder. Where are you Izzy.

💙Luke's POV💙

Someone was raping, taking nudes, and taking sex tapes of my girlfriend. I'm gonna kill this asshole. I missed her. I need her. Where are you Izzy?

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