Bad Boyz

Luke & Izzys love story! ��


8. 8

💙Luke's Pov💙

2 weeks! It's been 2 weeks since she's been in a coma. I just wanna wake her up! I read somewhere that you can hear in a coma. It's worth a shot!

Izzy? If you can hear me please wake up! I need you. I miss your smile. I miss your laugh. I miss you lips on mine. I miss u being mad at me. I miss you yelling at me. I miss you gasping when I do something or say something pervertish to you. I miss when you say my name. I love you! It's not a joke to me I love you Izzy. I'll scream it if I have to. I LOVE ISABELLE HOOD! I love and need you in my life. I will die without you. Babe please wake up! Baby one day I want us to get married and have kids! I want us to have a family! I want us to have 3 kids together one day. I promise the day I propose to you I will make sure it's the most amazing, sweetest, best moment if your life. I just wanna kiss you again. Baby I think i wanna marry you soon! I want you to be Isabelle Hemmings. Just please wake up for me! I LOVE YOU! I cried

I walked towards the door when I heard the voice I've been waiting to hear for 2 weeks.

Luke? Izzy said.

Isabelle! I cried.

I kissed her and she immediately kissed back. She took my shirt of and started kissing me hard. I kissed her hard back. We were in a heating makeout session when we heard someone clear there throat. We saw the guys and Demi staring at us.

Hi guys. Izzy said.

Why 3 kids Luke? Ashton asked.

You heard that? I asked blushing.

Yep we did Mr. & Mrs. Hemmings! Calum said laughing.

It was really sweet Luke! Demi said.

For a cat poster! That was fucking hilarious! Mikey said.

Don't swear! Ashton and Isabelle yelled in unison.

I can do what I want I'm punk rock! Mikey said.

No your not! We all yelled at Mikey.

Fine the thanks for supporting my dreams! Mikey said as we laughed.

I missed these moments. I finally got them back!

Hey guys it's Gaby! Izzy woke up thanks to Luke. Love y'all


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