Bad Boyz

Luke & Izzys love story! ��


6. 6

I woke up by myself all dressed and ready for the day. This is odd???? I walk downstairs and see the impossible. Calum and Luke looking as if they are gonna cry.

What's wrong and what happened last night? I asked.

She doesn't know maybe we shouldn't tell her. Luke said.

She needs to know Luke. What she did was bad and she needs to have consequences! Calum said.

What happened? I asked

You were really drunk last night, you handcuffed Luke to your bed, ducktape his mouth shut, and you raped Luke. Calum said sadly.

Luke is it true? I asked scared.

Yes. Luke said sadly.

I quickly ran to my room and locked my door. I felt awful. I raped my boyfriend. I can't believe what I did. Maybe my bullies at my old school were right about me. I'm just a worthless, fat, ugly, slutty, relationship wrecker.

I walked into my bathroom, locked the door, and did something I never thought I'd ever do. I grabbed a razor and started cutting my wrists. I cut 10 times in each wrist, 15 on each leg, and 1 across my stomach. I grabbed a bottle of Advil and took the whole bottle. I can't believe what I did to Luke. Maybe he can find a girl he's perfect for. I fell to the floor when I heard screaming.

ISABELLE! Calum yelled.

ISABELLE OPEN UP! Mikey yelled.

WE NEED YOU ISABELLE! Ashton yelled.


They finally opened the door and I saw Luke's face. They saw what I did and they all started crying while Calum called 911. I was only able 2 say 4 more words before I blacked out.

Luke I Love You.

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