Bad Boyz

Luke & Izzys love story! ��


5. 5

We got home to Calums place when Luke threw me in my bed. I got up grabbed some sexy pjs behind Luke's back, ran into the bathroom, and locked the door.

Get out here now! Luke screamed obviously pissed.

After you promise that we will have sex after! I yelled back.

No babe I can't take advantage of you right now. Luke yelled.

I want you to fuck me so hard I won't be able to walk tomorrow I giggled as I slipped my pjs on.

Baby as much as I want to I can't! Calum will get pissed if I do and we just started dating! Luke yelled.

I'm not coming out unless we have sex. I said.

I looked under my covers and found fuzzy handcuffs and ducktape. Purrrrfect!

Fine I'll come out! I yelled as I slipped them in my bra and in my pile of today's clothes.

Finally! Luke yelled when he saw me.

I kissed him and pushed him on the bed. We made out a little before Luke pulled away.

Princess not tonight. I'll fuck u hard tomorrow. Ok? Luke said.

Nope! I said.

I grabbed the fuzzy handcuffs and quickly handcuffed him to my bed. I grabbed the ducktape and covered his mouth. He started yelling but all I heard was muffled noises.

I can't here you? What was that? You want me to take my shirt off? And my shorts? Wait hold up you want to see me naked? Ok! I giggled.

I stripped down naked. His eyes were wide. Like super wide! He tried to struggle but I grabbed his thigh and squeezed it twice.

Now now babe! Be a good boy! Oh wait what was that? Your a bad boy and u want me to take off your clothes for u? Ok! I laughed.

I took off all Luke's clothes. I quickly walked to the side, grabbed a condom from my purse. I slipped it on his length and sat on his lap. He put up a fight but I finally got him inside of me. I started to moan as I bounced up and down on his dick. It felt soooo good that couldn't stop. He wouldn't moan. He was tying to hold it in so I bounced harder and harder until he finally let out a handful of moans.

What was that? Fuck harder? Fuck faster too? Ok! I giggled as I bounced harder and faster.

I could tell he wanted more. I bounced and bounced until he was moaning so loud I'm pretty sure the neighbors could hear us. I looked at me clock and realized I've been bouncing for 3 hours. Damn he must be full of pleasure. He looked very satisfied so I got of his dick. He was panting hard. I adjusted myself of my face was above his crotch. He shook his head no but I shook my head yes as I sucked his cock. I sucked for a good solid hour. He was moaning like a mad man. He had came in my mouth 3 times already and I finally stopped sucking. I pulled the blankets over us, kissed over his ducktaped lips and cuddled into his chest. That was fun!

Hi guys it's Gaby. If u like this, read my other 2 stories called 'House of Perverts' and 'I Hate You'. Also I'm going on a trip to Central Cali for three days (I live in southern Cali) I will try to update but can't promise anything. Love y'all


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