Bad Boyz

Luke & Izzys love story! ��


4. 4

Luke had gone home and Calum came down stairs.

Did u use protection? Calum asked.

What!? I asked shocked.

Did u guys use protection? Calum asked.

Ya why? I asked.

Just making sure you didn't get pregnant sis. I'm gonna go hang with Ash and Michael do u wanna come? Calum asked.

Sure why not! I said.

As soon as we got there I saw Mikey and Ashton. Ashton I've met before on the first day(he showed me around) and I met Mikey on the first day to(he sat with me at lunch). I also saw Luke on the couch with a little girl on his lap. She looked about my age and she had red hair and she looked like a slut. She had an eyebrow piercing and she was whispering something in Luke's ear which made him laugh. I was super jealous and the only one to notice was Micheal.

Oh Izzy don't be jealous! That's my girlfriend Demi! Mikey said as he walked over to her and kissed her.

I'm not jealous! Anyways, Hi! I'm Isabelle but my friends call me Izzy! I said all perky and happy.

Hi I'm Demi! Luke told me so much about you. I was just telling him how pretty you are! Demi said.

We talked for a while. I actually like Demi. We started to talk and behind Calum's back me and Demi started to drink. I was drunk when Calum, Micheal, Ashton, and Luke came in.

Hey sis. Calum said.

Hiiiiiiiiii Callllllllum Bear! I said.

Babe are you ok? Luke asked.

I'm fiiiiiiine Lukeeeey Pookey! I slurred.

Damn she's drunk! Ashton said.

We can see that Ash! Mikey said.

I let her drink a little I didn't think she's take it this far! I'm sorry guys. Demi said.

It's fine Luke please take her home she needs to sleep this off or she will be puking everywhere tomorrow. Calum said.

Ok I will. Luke said as he took my hand.

No I wanna stay! I said as I slapped Luke's hand.

That's it! Luke said as he picked me up over his shoulders and walked me to the car.

This was gonna be a fun night!

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