Bad Boyz

Luke & Izzys love story! ��


3. 3

I woke up and remembered what happened last night. I slept with Luke!!!! Calums gonna kill me. I clutched the blankets close to me as I saw my clothes were scattered everywhere. My bra was on his curtain. My panties were on his door handle. My skirt was on his lamp. My top was on his desk. I was only wearing socks. I heard the door open and saw Luke come in.

Hi princess! Luke said.

Hi why are my clothes everywhere? I asked.

Um when we were having sex I kinda threw them everywhere. Luke said shyly.

Can u plz get them? I asked.

He got them and I got dressed. I was down getting dressed when I noticed Luke's 'friend' was saying hi. I walked over and started grinding in his crotch. He moaned and threw his head back as I got off his lap. He huffed and puffed like a 4 year old. Anyways, We walked over to Calum and my house and got all comfy cozy then noticed Calum at the kitchen table.

So how was your sex? Calum asked.

How did u find out? I asked.

1) Luke tells me everything

2) You are glowing

3) You're skirts on backwards

4) Luke has his 'I had good sex' face on

5) I heard LUKE! OH LUKE! HARDER FASTER! LUKE! All night long. I'm pretty sure all Australia heard you do be quieter next time. Calum laughed as he ran upstairs.

So have you made a decision? Luke asked.

About? I asked.

Will u be my girlfriend? Luke asked.

YESS! I yelled as I kissed Luke and Calum yelled get a room.

I only know 2 things.

1) Luke is my brothers Best Mate.


2) I'm falling slowly, madly, deeply in love with him.

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