Bad Boyz

Luke & Izzys love story! ��


2. 2

It gets dirty so if you don't wanna get to detailed skip after Luke takes his shoes off!!!!!

We were all siting in Calums room. I was on his bed while Luke was at his desk. I was scared that my brother would either

A. Kill Luke and ruin his band

B. Kick Luke out of 5sos

C. Ban Luke from talking to me

D. Make me move back home with my cousins

E. All of the above

I was so nervous when finally Calum talked first.

Care to explain to me why you were harassing my sister Hemmings? Calum said

I wasn't harassing her! She likes me and I think she's pretty hot! So what I'm a big boy I can date or sleep with who I want when I want and your not the boss of me! Luke said obviously pissed at Calum.

Izzy? Do you really like Luke? Calum asked.

I honestly didn't know what to say. I mean I really like Luke, but I don't wanna go against my brothers opinion.

Izzy? Calum said waving his hand in my face.

Huh? I asked.

Do you like Luke? Calum asked.

Yes but please don't do anything reckless or forbid me from seeing Luke! I pleaded.

I won't just tell me what happens today. Calum said.

I told Calum the whole story about how Luke saw me this morning, grabbed my ass, walked me home, touched my ass again, kissed me against his door, and how we were here now.

You grabbed my sisters ass?! Calum yelled.

I didn't know she was your sis Calum! Luke yelled.

Ok but please Luke try not to knock my sister up, don't keep me up all night with your sex moans, and please don't rape her she's only 17! If you violate this I'll kick your ass. Calum explained to Luke.

I won't I promise! Come on babe lets go. Luke said as he took my hand and dragged me out the front door.

We walked across the street to a pretty big house. We wakes in and it was just amazing! It was such a lovely house.

My parents are always out on business so we have the house to ourselves! Luke said as he toon my hand and guided me to a room.

Luke- I started before he covered my mouth.

Shhh! I want this moment to be special. Luke said as he kicked off his shoes.

He picked me up and threw me on the bed as I giggled. He took my shirt off and threw it across the room. He slid my skirt down and threw it on the floor. I stopped him to take his shirt off. He then unbuckled his jeans and threw them on the floor. He unbuckled my bra and through it somewhere in the room. He started to slip my panties off when he got up and went through his drawer for a condom. He got back on his bed, pulled his boxers off, slipped the condom on and looked up at me with his dark beautiful eyes. I wanted him and he wanted me too. This is gonna hurt so much but I want it so bad. His size was ALOT bigger than I thought it would be. He slowly and carefully slid himself inside me. I started to moan as he carefully started to thrust in and out. Over and over and over again. He started to go harder and faster until I couldn't take it and started moaning like a crazy lady. It felt so good! He finally pulled out after my climax and layed next to me.

Holy Crap! That was the best sex I've ever had! Luke said panting.

Ya well now I'm not a virgin. I whispered.

Wait I was your first? Luke asked shocked.

Yay why? I asked.

It's just your so beautiful I thought you've had plenty of good sex. Luke said as he cuddled me closer.

Luke I know we just met but I really like you. I said.

I like you to Izzy. Luke said.

Izzy? Will you be my girlfriend? Luke asked.

Cliffhanger! Love y'all!


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