Bad Boyz

Luke & Izzys love story! ��


14. 14

It's graduation. Luke went on your with 1 direction and I've been waiting forever to see him. He said he would come to my graduation but I don't see him and I'm almost up. I looked around again and still can't see him.

Isabella Hood.

I walked up and my teacher grabbed my diploma as I looked into the crowd to see the guys all in the back yelling my name. In front of them all was the boy I fell in love with in the beginning of Senior year, Lucas Robert Hemmings. I smiled as I saw him wave at me. I ran off the stage and jumped into Luke's arms. He spun my around in a circle and kissed my lips. I saw him pull out a ring from his back pocket!

Izzy. I love you so much that words can't even explain it. I know that I love you in this life and in every life before and after this I have and will love you. I love you till I die and if there's after that I'll love you then. I can't live one more day without you. I wanted you to come on tour with me but you wanted and education which is smart. You are a talented singer just like Calum, even though I'm better than Calum, I know you can make it big too! I want you to know that if you do be famous, I don't want them to know you as Isabella Hood. I want them to know you as Isabella Hemmings. I know we've only been dating for a year but I love you! Isabella Hood, will you marry me? Luke asked.

Yes! In every language! I giggled.

He put the ring on my ring finger and I smiled as he looked into my eyes. He picked me up and kissed me again. We forgot the whole school was watching. We heard the whole school clap and cheer and so did the guys. At that moment I realized that I finally get to be with Luke forever.

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